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What the difference between Mede8er and acryan fw? They are same?

If difference, which one is better? Do they have feature line Youtube and thumb nail?
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Originally Posted by brite-View View Post

@ozonepilot - It's been clearly stated that a firmware release would be forthcoming barring any major issues. Currently RC3 has some issues surrounding USB and BT functions which are being worked on; some things that appear to be fixed is the MKV Header Compression and Sound issues. In regards to systems that show a Code 14 or 16, all I can provide you with is what I know, which is RC3 will not load on systems displaying that boot code. As soon as I receive further guidance regarding boot Code 14 / 16 boxes I will be happy to share that with the rest of the community.

I don't know WTF you are, nor do I care, but on the brite-view Facebook it tells quite a different story......and both you and some a*shole Tony on the Brite-View forum are trying to BS the forum on AVS and on the Brite View forum. As far as I'm concerned Brite-View shouldn't even have a f'n thread on AVS. Brite-View and their personell are a bunch of f'n liars.....you, the as*hole Tony at BV [unless you're him too], and support at briteview which does not exist.........Stick this up your f'n as*!!!


I've now been banned from the Brite-View forum. This moron Tony had me banned for exposing him as the liar he is. He in the past guaranteed a f/w upgrade for boxes with the 14/16 boot code, and then conveniently backed out of that committment by posting an Xmas "gift" to all CT owners. [your a real joke Tony]. This was only for newer boxes in the CT format. He lied to me, and to all the users on the Brite-View forum. It's an insult for Brite-View to even be mentioned on this well known, well used forum that I use for my info on a regular basis. Tony has no business being here, least of all Brite-View, there is no support whatever on all their boxes. Their FaceBook page mentions that there would be no f/w forthcoming on all the CT boxes, but Tony the liar never mentions this on the Brite-View forum until yesterday when I exposed his dirty little secret that he knew all along. The f/w they use is outdated and most likely compiled by some 10 year old Chinese rejects from the mainland............if they're lucky to get payed for what useless crap they put out. Brite-View has to submit to 3rd party f/w hacks on their boxes now, since they obviously have fiscal problems and are not able to pay these engineers whats coming to them for any f/w. They've been on RC firmwares for months even on the newer boxes and still aren't able to get those little Chinese girls from the mainland to stop playing with their dolls and get to writing important stuff.................like f/w. They're a joke in the industry, as they now have a forum specifically directed for "custom mods" on their forum...............i.e. AC Ryan and Medi8er f/w hacks for the Cinema Tube. Well done. You think that will buy them some time for their f/w to be released? I sincerely doubt it You think that when they eventually put out a f/w package, that it will be up to date? The box is dead, and so is Tony. He's a crook and will always be a crook. He's proved it by not informing the users Brite-View's real intentions for months.We have to find out on a friggin' FaceBook page. I don't know what kind of capacity he is holding at Brite-View...maybe hawking his warez on sidestreets pushing the older Brite-View CT boxes on the side.....those pallets of CTs that have been in his apartment living room for the past 2 years, but one thing is for certain....the box is dead. All the other manufacturers are way ahead of Brite-View in regards of hardware and firmware. I recently had viewed the PCH C-200 in action at a friend's place. Pricey, but light-years ahead of the CT. Brite-View isn't even able to fix the compression header problem that's since been addressed and fixed by everyone out there. They're broke, and they can't admit it. I'm counting the days for their eventual demise in the market, and waiting for this moron, Tony to get a new job..maybe delivering the Sunday Times would be the best solution for him........as long as he delivers it on the right day!! Knowing Tony, he'll deliver his Sunday Times..........in a year or so ["you never mentioned which Sunday you wanted the paper"]. Brite-View will go the way of Mediagate......right down the tubes........and the sooner, the better for all of us....no more throwing good money after bad on this thrown together hunka junk!

Here's the FaceBook Brite-View page rerference that I mentioned above. Those poor, poor souls have no friggin' clue on what they bought into. Tony should be ashamed of this. Why the hell don't you just go out and steal candy from a baby? MORON!!!

Marlon Joseph Santos
Hi, when will you release the FW for the classic cinematube? Thanks.

19 February at 00:30 · Like · Comment · View feedback (1)Hide feedback (1)

    • Brite-View Hi Marlon, thanks for stopping by! There will no longer be firmware released for the classic CT, but if your CT's boot code is not 14 or 16, you can use the new firmware for the CinemaTube Mini. To check bootcode, please go to the “Main Menu” 2) Press “Stop” and then “Subtitle” on your remote control, and “version information” should appear. Find boot code information (shown as No XXXX.XXXX.XX19); 3) If the last two digits are “14” or “16”, you will not be able to update the firmware.22 February at 11:11
Another link on the Amazon.com site I read about....no it's not me, I don't buy CTs from Amazon.......

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Originally Posted by cinematube_warez View Post

New cinematube bv5005hd custom firmware based on mede8er med400x v4.0.4 (3 march 2011).

Thanks, thanks.
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i don't know if anyone has mentioned this yet, and I probably should have said something when I figured it out, but on well, here it is for anyone who might be having the (sort of obscure) problem that i was having.

I have an older tube HDTV that doesnt have HDMI inputs, and I had the cinematube hooked up via component-- however, when the upgrades are performed to the acryan or medi8or firmwares, nothing shows up on the screen, and the unit appears bricked. HOWEVER, i was able to use an HDMI to DVI converter (my TV DOES have DVI) and the cinematube displayed fine with both new firmwares.

Once you are able to see the UI from an HDMI connection, you can go to the settings and change the output to whatever you like (1080i 60hz in my case) then switch BACK to using the component output, and everything should work fine.
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Got a noob question here. Since the time I bought the CT 5005hd in '09, I haven't touch it since, so the CT is about 2 or 3 firmware update behind. Now it needed to upgrade. My question is: do I just go to the website and download the latest firmware and it won't brick the CT or I have to update from the earliest to the latest?
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I went through this thread and feedbacks, I went through installing Medi8er firmware on bv-5005 hd. The good news is the installation went through very simple and I am so impressed with bootstrap method, and its installation.

My challenge is now that I don't see power button not working (in the sense I don't see any color blue or red).

AND, the TV screen is blank. Mine is connected to Panny with HDMI. (I am sure I haven't bricked the unit, because I can reinstall the firmware -

Any help?

Thanks a bunch!
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i just updated the 5005 to the brite-view mini fw and now subtitles work nicely and gui is slightly better.
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Is anyone using a gaming wifi adapter that connect to network port RJ-45 connector of cinematube to provide wireless capability?

Depending on the mfg, these devices are sometime called "bridge" or "client" devices.

In reading, many devices offer this capability, I was interested in know what others are using in the same fashion for 802.11n connectivity and have gotten good performance.

Also, is anyone using network connectivity solution that uses AC powerline? Several mfg make that as a solution as well.

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hi all, I have a couple of simple questions about Brite-View Cinematube (not mini)

After selling my boxee box as it was overkill and failing to find a suitable bluray player with decent NTFS capabilities I'm about to guy a cinematube but wanted to know:

1) Is the photo viewer any good? On every other device ive tried it is VERY sluggish or does not load at all decent file sized jpegs (below the 8000x8000 pixel requirements) so would this be ok?

2) Can you play entire folders of mp3's at a time or just select each track

3) whats the difference between the cinematube and cinematube mini except the wireless dongle which doesnt interest me

4) Am I right in saying that with a hard drive that has its own power supply (eg WD elements 2Tb) the cinematube will not shut the hard drive down when it turns off?

Many thanks
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nevermind, i'll just buy one and find out
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Is there a way to add a Pandora widget to the cinemago bv-5005hd min? Or add any other type of widget to it?

Thank you
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If possible couold someone post (or PM) a link to the Medi8er and AC Ryan firmwares (or a discussion site). (Or for anyone actually using one of these f/w's I can PM you my email addy you can EM the firmware directly to me)

I'm running 5005HD with IP34610114151 on it (haven't looked at it for a while and the brite-view forums apparently were shut off)

The mediafire links to the alternate f/w's are dead and I hear the alternate firmwares are much better than the official ones.

Thanks in advance
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OK. I found the mede8er (3/2011) F/W and the latest ACRyan (4824 rev7 revised, Oct/2011) F/W. So, I'll 1st try the mede8er since there seem to be more dox avail for it.

The ACRyan one seems like it may be better but from the comment above stating that everything on the player becomes Romanian (or Russian), I'd need to find more discussion on it before I jump in.

If anyone needs the F/W don't hesitate to ask.
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is there new firmware for this model
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I've installed the Mede8er CFW and it is an improvement in so far as playback of "higher" bitrate mkv's.

There is/was a known issue (mentioned much earlier in this thread; search) with playback of mkv's (maybe other formats too) over the network where there are bitrate spikes beyond a certain point.

I had asked about this yrs ago when the briteview forums were up (2009?) but I never got any corroboration from the admins/mods there. I'm sure they knew, but didn't want to/could not address the issue at that time, so they played dumb.

In any event, I've found that files that spike above 40K (as seen with the program BitrateViewer), become choppy durig playback at those moments.

The Mede8er CFW handles them better, and seems to have shifted that mark to over 50K in my thusfar very limited observations. It also has a Moviewall feature which seems pretty cool although I have not yet explored thst feature.

One thing it does do is shut off the power light all together. And if I power down the unit, the only way to get it back on is to pull the power plug and put it back in. I have to check to see if the unit uses more electricty while powered on vs powered off. If not, I may just leave it on all the time.

I've not yet tried the ACRyan CFW. It is supposedly more powerful, but not as nice looking
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Hi, could you please share the original BV FW IPB10106251. Unable to find and download it... Thanks!
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the only official one I have is IP34610114151..
I can up that one if u need,
Is that not newer than the one you're asking for?
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I would like to upgrade my old cinema tube but cannot seem to find either the Mede8er or AC Ryan software to try.
Can you supply a link?
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links seem to be dead. .pm me ur em ill send them to you
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I tried the Mede8er fw for my Cinematube classic and would like to return to the latest original firmware. Can anyone PM me a download-link? It seems that brigh-tview has stopped support for that device...

Thanks in advance
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My firmware's links are here
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Thanks a lot. Any restrictions ? Can I go back from one firmware to the other?
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Thanks, got them from your link now. thanks for keeping it going.
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Hi Guys,

I have the classic CT 5005HD running the first firmware IPB1009C021 by choice, I also have the others but prefer the original GUI.

Just recently I purchased a 3TB USB HDD and now the movie files show "format not supported".
Swapping to different HDD's or thumb drive below this new 3TB size solves the issue.

Has anyone else had this problem and resolved it?? I was thinking maybe partitioning the 3TB into smaller chunks to see if that helps but thought of turning to you folks first as I have many hours of file transfers on that new 3TB drive and don't want to start over if unnecessary.

Thanks guys !!

EDIT: Seriously!
Over two thousand posts in this thread and no-one can help?
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"... I was thinking maybe partitioning the 3TB into smaller chunks to see if that helps but thought of turning to you folks first as I have many hours of file transfers on that new 3TB drive and don't want to start over if unnecessary..."

I think it would work...I'm using the same device. It can only read up 1 TB per USB port.

By the anyone know where I can download the CT custom firmware "Mede8er MED400 V4.0.4 with Shizzl mod 3.1"? I find link but download keeps on failing. used to be on mediafire but was deleted.
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Originally Posted by MKCTUser View Post


BTW anyone know where I can download the CT custom firmware "Mede8er MED400 V4.0.4 with Shizzl mod 3.1"? I find link but download keeps on failing. used to be on mediafire but was deleted.

I have a copy of the V4.0.4 w/ Mod 3.. not 3.1 frown.gif Can upload somewhere in a ZIP package if you're interested.
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I don't think there is any mede8er mod 3.1, only the mod 3.0 which we all have..

Incidentally, I finally got around to installing the AC Ryan f/w.. Seems better to me.

More versatile, more tweaks.. Plus I has issues with the mede8er f/w where playback of video files would often freeze- apparently for no reason.. and Id have to power cycle the BV to try to continue, but even then, often it would refuse to play the video at hand and would lock up immediately when trying to do so.. Several reboots, several minutes wasted before it would finally play..

no such issues with ac ryan.

For me, less buggy, a winner.
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Does anyone still have a copy of official firmware IPB10106251 for cinematube. will be very appreciated If you can point me where to get a copy. thanks in advance.
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Hi Brite View;


I am new to the forum but am hoping you can help?

I have Three of the 5005HD cinimatube media players and was updating the firmware to Version: IP34610114151 which was copied onto a USB. The first unit worked fine on and went through the upgrade but then when I tried to update the second unit the same warecognised the usb and the update file and stated to press OK to update which I did. The next thing that happens which occured on both units is a screen comes up on the TV stating that the downloaded files are taking place and then the second unit is stuck on that screen and will not continue as the first unit did.

The first unit after about 60-80 seconds started to display a green barcode that scrolled across the screen and after about 2 minute stated the update was complete. What can I do with the unit that is stuck at the first screen and will not advance? It has been this wat for over 8 hrs. There is no power lite (red or Blue) on the power button but the small blue traffic indicator light is just flickering as if there is communication going on. The USB disk light is not lite either.


Any Help would be appreciated.





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I am having the same issue as the previous guy.

I downloaded the firmware from brite-view's website IP....4151. Both files are stored directly on an empty usb thumb drive...which I am assuming is the root directory. I have tried 5 different thumb drives and it just hangs on the bootstrapper screen.
My CT player is 19 boot up...so the 14/16 shouldn't be an issue.

Anyone else fight there way out of the same scenario?
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