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USF's low-power AM to be simulcast on Tampa HD2

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TAMPA - College radio stations are seldom heard off campus, but the student-run Bulls Radio at the University of South Florida is expanding its reach into the Tampa area thanks to a partnership with community radio station WMNF, 88.5 FM.

Beginning Saturday, Bull Radio will be carried over WMNF's HD2 signal. Listeners will need a HD radio receiver to get it.

The kickoff date corresponds with the Bulls Radio broadcast of the first USF football game of the season against Wofford. The station also plays rock and alternative music programmed by the students.

WMNF officials say this is the first time the entire Tampa area will have access to a college rock station.
Bulls Radio also broadcasts other USF sports.

Bulls Radio has been only broadcast on AM in the vicinity of the USF Tampa campus.

Full article: http://tboextra.com/content/2009/sep...each/tboextra/

If you ask me, it's this kind of programming that will move radios. Radios that will find OTHER programming and start the whole word-of-mouth thing going. I guarantee students at USF will know all about HD Radio in short order.
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I agree. Like it or not we've seen a gradual reduction of sports on tv...radio is a bit more free with it though. Basically there used to be sports on given channels but they moved to cable. The loss of say the audio of channel 6 didn't help either...so adding more to the substations that is local..helps.
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I'm just waiting for the bulb to go off in some programmer's head to open up a subchannel for high school sports. Let the school produce it and sell it. Station's a hero for getting local sports on the air and helping cash-strapped schools make a buck or two and learn something.
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there's one high school near me that has a radio station...just one though. some sports are on the cable access but the announcers are so poorly coordinated it's a joke. I don't think it would take much to get someone on the air. high school sports aren't that big where I am but I know after reading friday night lights...well texas alone...
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