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Right now I have a LG BH200(region free) which I use for HD-DVDs and region 2 PAl DVDs. I also have an Integra DHS-8.8 (Toshiba XA2 clone) in box. I want the best possible HD-DVD playback. Should I keep my XA2 clone or sell it while its still in box and buy something else that has better picture for HD-DVDs? I read mixed reviews. Some says XA2 is the best, some says A35 is sharper. Some claims integra and onkyo xa2 clones are even better than toshiba ones, they have their software tweaked for sharper image.

I will use this player to watch HD-DVDs only and it will be hooked up to my Denon AVP A1hdci pre-amp processor which has HQV realta t2 processor that can apply digital noise reduction on 1080p sources as well.