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Vizio VSB200 and Scientific Atlanta 8300 HDC cable box remote codes

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Hi all. I bought a Vizio model VSB200 sound bar yesterday. Trying to map the remote from Comcast that came with my Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300 HDC remote using the "Aux" button to control the sound bar. Vizio gives codes of 31517 or 1517 however they do not work. Contacted Visio tech support and was told those codes only work with their universal remote. I am looking for code that will work with SA 8300 HDC and VSB200. Thank you for help.
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Both the Vizio and Comcast remotes are made by Universal Electronics, and so they both, in principle, use the same setup codes. However, the remotes don't all have the same setup codes loaded into the remote. The Comcast remotes don't have 31517, although several other remotes made by UEI, including the Radio Shack 15-133,134, and 135 ($20-25), and the RCA RCRP05B ($20 at BestBuy) have it and also contain 01877, the code necessary for the SA cable box. I think you would find the RCA to be a close match to the Comcast remote, in terms of button layout and functionality.

Going into a little more technical detail, the VSB200 uses the IR protocol sometimes termed NEC2, device 131.95. If you want to use your Comcast to control the VSB, then you could buy a JP1 to USB cable ($35 shipped), download some free software, and install 31517 into the Comcast remote--or many other UEI remotes.

But I don't think you can use an unmodified Comcast remote to control the VSB.
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Hi 3FingeredGlove, thank you for the reply. I also have the SA 8300 remote programed to control the TV in this set-up (on the patio). The TV is a Vizio VW22L/10T model. Do you know if the RCA or Radio Shack remotes you mention also have the codes for that TV?

Can you also "flesh out" a little more the details of the JP1 to USB cable and software needed to program the Comcast remote (where to buy, web site for more information, etc.)?

As I look around the living room this morning, I count six different remotes plus the three on the patio. I'm starting to think I should look closer at the Logitech Harmony or similar device.

Thanks again for your help. I have stopped beating my head against the wall with an unmodified Comcast remote
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Yes, the RS and RCA remotes will control the Vizio TV, using setup code 11178. Actually, nearly any UEI manufactured remote will operate power, Ch+/-, and Vol+/- on a Vizio TV. Furthermore, using "keymoves", doable without a cable, one can make all the other TV functions work.

Here's why: A remote communicates with a component (TV, DVD, air conditioner, etc.) by sending commands as a string of bits. The zeros and ones are represented by flashes of IR light, but the particular pattern of flashes needed to represent a 0/1 (called a protocol) varies among components. There are dozens of protocols. Besides needing the correct protocol, the remote also needs to send the address, or device number, that the component is expecting. Finally the command number that means e.g. Vol+ varies among components. But if you can find a setup code that causes anything to happen. that usually means that the setup code is sending the correct protocol and device number. Then it is possible to manually assign the desired command number to a particular remote button.

So what to do if your remote doesn't have the appropriate protocol/device number combination? Or, if it does, but most of the remote's buttons don't work, how do you find out the command numbers? For UEI remotes, go to http://www.hifi-remote.com/forums/index.php and go directly to the Beginners forum and read the "Please Read This First" sticky. The Market Place forum has offers to sell JP1 interface cables. I strongly recommend getting the USB cable sold by Tommy Tyler.

The software is free, and the site is kept going by the enthusiasm of do-it-yourselfers. So the organization of the site is a little fragmented.

There are two main SW programs: RemoteMaster and IR. As a beginner, to control your Sound Bar, you would look in the file section and find that a rudimentary upgrade already exists which can do Vol+/-. You would probably also post about what you want to control, mentioning that 1517 is supposed to work, and some good person will reply, telling you what the command numbers for 1517 are, or perhaps simply posting an already finished upgrade which you can upload into your remote using IR.

JP1 versus getting a Harmony? You'll have to decide that yourself. In my situation, we have 3 teenage sons, 3 TVs, and a misbehaved dog. We like to have all three remotes be the same, and I'm not willing to spring for 3 relatively expensive remotes. Also, I like to operate a remote without looking at it.
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Thank you for the reply. It was very helpful. I will check out the link you provided. I appreciate the information.
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