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I'm going to pick up a receiver shortly to complete my home theater setup, which includes a Samsung LN52A LCD and my HTPC with Radeon 4550 via HDMI. Now that ATI seems to have sorted their EDID issues out, I'd like opinions on which mid-range A/V receiver works best with an HTPC. I'm using Win7 RTM at the moment.

I was leaning toward Onkyo SR606 or SR7x series this year, but am a bit spooked by all the reports of flaky behavior and buzzing, etc. I'm now looking at Pioneer's VSX-1019AH-K and the 919AH-K.

I will also be plugging in the kids' Wii and Xbox 360, but video upscaling in this price bracket ($500 and down) seems unimpressive, and there's no way I'm getting something more expensive than that past the wife.

I have the HT room wired for 5.1 sound now, but may upgrade to 7.1 at a later time, if I can be convinced of the benefits.

Considering that I don't really care about video upscaling so much, what are your opinions about the best $500 A/V receiver for HTPC use?