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Impulse purchase... Paradigm PS-100... is it any good?

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Well, I saw a Paradigm PS-100 on Ebay, there was only a few minutes left... so I bid on it. Needless to say, I won it for aprox 80 bucks. I am searching the net to find a review on it, but i cant find a thing. So I am going to assume it is an older model. Heck, I dont even know what size of sub it is hahaha. I am starting to build up my home theatre system, and this is my first purchase. So I am unsure if I did well or not for 80 bucks. The cheapest paradigm (pdr-8) sells for $380 CAN where I live. So, this is a much more cost effective means for a sub.

Anyone ever own or currently own a paradigm PS-100 sub? Any good? What did it retial for? did I get a good deal for 80 bucks? anyone want to share a link to a review?

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If it works properly then I would think it's a decent buy. Have a look at any new subwoofer and even the not so great ones go for $100. Look on craigslist and you may find some bad older subs for $50. I know I sold a 10" 120 watt RCA sub for $50 a few months ago. Anything from paradigm should outperform that thing. From the model number I would think it's probably a 10" sub. Could it be a PS-1000 instead? Does it have a pic that looks like this...

If so it retailed for a little over $500 new and seems to get good user reviews. Here's a link to a basic product sheet. There were only 2 models in the PS series, the 1000 and the 1200. I'm thinking you may have got the 1000. If this is the case and it works properly then you may have got a very good deal. I'm sure it won't be an authority on extension, but it should sound great for a starter piece to your system.

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PS-1000? If so, then, if its in good condition, that's a good price.
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brandonnash : Thats exactly what I was thinking. That any Paradigm should be better then a low end brand name from bestbuy.

Here is the link to the auction...shows the pictures. It clearly says PS-100 . I cant find ANY info on the net about it.

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Luckily it looks like the manual will be included.

Anyone ever own or hear one of these before?
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The only information I could find on it were a few references that dated it back between 2002 and 2004 so it's an older sub. Looks like it's a 10" version that the 1000 replaced. If it's in good working condition for the price you paid I don't see how you could have went wrong.
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Cool. thanks dude
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I own one Paradigm PS 100, that I bought brand new in 1993 or 94, paid 1300$ for it, I still have it, and it still runs pretty good, anybody coming to my place are always amazed by it, It is a 10" woofer. You paid a very decent price for it, i am pretty sure that if it is in good condition and was kept nicely, you will be very happy with your purchase.

gee I just noticed the year this was written...lol
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I owned a PS1200 for many many years (14?). It was a good sub but it was time for a replacement. If it works then enjoy! Just dial it in properly.

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