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Sony KDL-52Z5100 no love for COMCAST HD

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First time poster so please pardon my lack of experience on the AV forum.

I just recently acquired a Sony KDL-52Z5100 and also married to a Comcast Bill in order get my HD programming, before the Sony I had a campy TH-42PA25 Panasonic Plasma, nice 480p progressive plasma connected to a Comcast HD Motorola DVR with no problems with the signal whatsoever until recently.

I drop my DVR box for a new Motorola DCX3200 HD Box, slimmer and compacted than the usual, since I plugged the box to the Sony via HDMI, I have been getting this "Unsupported Signal, Please check device output" annoyingly in-between HD and Regular Programming. Some times when viewing an HD Ch and also a normal Ch. I don't lose any of the signal image or sound, I just get the pop up message with frequency.

Comcast is so loathsome they charge subscribers for a messy and confusing lineup. Why do they keep creating a fake illusion of non digital channels and HD offering when all channels are suppose to be operating in HD?

I am frustrated given that I am a rookie dealing with AV and such things. I will appreciate any troubleshooting help. Not sure if it is the cable Comcast provided, which most likely is refurbished.

Current setup:
HD Comcast Cable Box with HDMI interface to TV
Blu Ray with HDMI interface to TV
Nintento Wii with RCA plug to TV
Comcast HD Signal strength on average is no more than 720p, near downtown Washington, DC.


The Cable Box is DCX3200 All-Digital, HDTV, M-Card Host Set-top
http://www.motorola.com/Business/US-.../DCX3200_US-EN (Link to Motorola)

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Interesting, I am thinking about getting the Sony set that you have.

I had some signal strength problems awhile back at my set that is upstairs, I had run to much cable and was using crappy connectors.

If your pop up message is via your tv then check the options on the tv for warning messages, if it is a comcast thing then I would probably ask for a new HD cable box.

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It's possible that the cable box has a menu for allowing different resolutions to pass through (480I, 720P, 1080I) to allow your tv to do the scaling to 1080P. Usually this menu also includes an option to output all signals as a fixed resolution (typically user selectable). Once you find the menu, set it to output at 1080I regardless of input resolution.

Hope this helps,

Edit: page 30 of the user manual explains this option.
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You need a DVR. I don't even know how to watch TV without one anymore...
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I changed the cable, got the same error, and got the box signal reset or whatever that means, same thing.

After gazing through the DCX3200 Operation Manual I followed the steps Motorola specifies to access the USER SETTINGS. I thought I was having issues with 1080p30 (if I remember correctly 52Z5100 Max is 1080p24), however I followed the steps Motorola specifies to access the USER SETTINGS.

1080p30 was disabled hence I cycled through the DEVICE OUTPUT preference and mysteriously 720p was causing the error each time I selected 720p that as the default output. Now is set to 1080i, and no error during flip.
52Z5100 can support 720p. What does this mean? Is Comcast 720p somewhat erroneous?

@schlick thanks for the heads up

I learned something.
Thank you All.
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I don't think the Comcast 720 is erroneous. It's likely that every time a different resolution was selected, the tv had to reestablish the hdmi handshake with the cable box. As you've seen for yourself, this often trips up one or the other device. Since the handshake can't be completed, you get the unsupported format error. Now that you've set the box output to 1080I, there only has to be one handshake to verify the tv is capable of that input resolution.

Glad things are working now.

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