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Javatime's Theater*Bar*Game Room Build

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I stated this project about 2-1/2 years ago and just had the carpet installed last week. My build includes theater, bar, fireplace/sitting area, game room and bathroom. I still have quite a few things left to do, but thought I'd start my own thread since I've received a few PMs asking for more detail and info on some of the cabinet pics I've posted.

For the most part, its been a weekend project supplemented with a few vacation weeks time here and there. But once the carpet was put on order, I found myself spending just about every night getting the molding installed and last bit of painitng done. Nothing like a little pressure to get things moving along quickly.

I have about 1400 sq ft of basement before sectioning off for needed storage, heater, HW heater, ejector pump basin, etc. I ended up with 1,000 sq ft of finished area with 7'- 10" ceilings. I did everything myself except for the carpet and pool table installation and fireplace hookup (you need a
license to buy the new gas flex line). I still have to finish off the bathroom, but that will make for a great fall project.
OK...on to the pics.


The always present pile of lumber and sheetrock

Here's the future Game Room area that will have a Pool table and Dart board with half moon wall mounted tables and chairs

Three (3) windows boxed out and flourescent lighting installed along with shutters

Theater Area

Bathroom - Toilet Flange, ejector pit, and vent stack roughed in during home construction

Bar Area

The Game Room had the ever present 3" steel pole. I didn't like the pole wraps available so I boxed it in with (2) 2x4s. I'll finish it off with oak plywood and trim. I used two (2) 7/16" machine bolts on each side, bored the 2x4s to 1" and drilled and tapped it and used 1" washers.

Fireplace and Sitting area
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Front of theater: I built 2 cabinets on each side bridged together at the top and bottom using red oak plywood and solid red oak. The bottom is built on a curved riser with 3 doors (middle door for center speaker). Left and right doors are for storage. GOM will finish off the doors. The finished top for the bottom is 13"x13" black matte ceramic tile.

The top connector: 1"x10" red oak connects the 2 side cabinets at the top along with crown molding and decorative trim.

Door details: 1"x3s for all the face frames, quarter round on the insides, and a round over bit to finish off the outside doors. I used pocket holes on the doors and it worked out great. Pocket holes are easy to make and the jig is cheaper then a biscuit joiner. I used wood glue too, but it's not necessary. The joints even without using glue are rock solid. They also sell wood plugs to cover up the holes. Two (2) European style hinges were used on each door.

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Cabinet construction: 3/4"oak plywood for the side cabinets. I used a straight/rabbit bit for the top, bottom, and middle shelf then glued and fastened with brads. The back is 1/4" oak plywood.

The rest of the shelving is adjustable

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Looks great! Really great!
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Gas Fireplace: I used various 1x's and decorative trim pieces to build the surround and 12"x12" granite tiles.

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Here's some details on the bar:
Bar is L shaped (8' x 4') made from 3/4" oak ply (sides), regular 3/4" plywood for the top and 3/4" oak prefinished Thomasville flooring left over from my son's living room project. The area in the back is for the back bar area. I looked at a few designs and pics online, but Randy's (Hey Now) was truely inspirational so a special thanks for all his postings!

It's anchored to the floor and the end shown here is tied to the wall studs making it solid all the way around.

The back bar is 1"x6" oak boards, 1/4" oak ply for the back, and some oak trim pieces. Two (2) cabinets with the middle open for a fridge. I was originally going to make it a dry bar because the bathroom is close by, but I'm glad I took the advice of others and roughed in the plumbing for a small sink.

Ceramic tile for Bar area and bathroom

I got the Bar Rail from a local millwork company.
It's a 2 piece design that they can put together for an extra $5 per ft. But the owner told me exactly how to do it myself (Titebond II glue and spring clamps every 12"
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Subbed. Nice work!
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Good job !!I made my living room as a home theater and living room together because the basement i need it for my son he is 17 now....
I would like to see the finished work in your's..!!
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My give you some ideas.....
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Can you give us details of the window lighting and how it is going to come together? I like the idea (I was thinking of doing something along these lines but was concerned about how the insulation would be affected.
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Originally Posted by speedylaci View Post

My give you some ideas.....

Great job Speedy. Nice detailed trim work with the columns and corbels.
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You definately have some very good woodworking skills. I'm cheating and stealing some of your fireplace surround ideas. I think my installers didn't leave me the clips for my firebox...bastages!

keep up the posts.
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Justin, Gitseht, Speedy, Mullet, Randy,
Thanks for comments. I'll try and get some pics posted/explain this weekend of how I did the windows. But it might not be until next week or so because the wife and I taking a much needed vacation to the FL Keys on Monday and... well...watching football this weekend on a 106" screen is just an incredible experience.
After more than 2 years, it was worth the wait! Rich
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Originally Posted by gitSehT View Post

Can you give us details of the window lighting and how it is going to come together? I like the idea (I was thinking of doing something along these lines but was concerned about how the insulation would be affected.

Here's some pics on the windows near the bar/fireplace area. The front where the light is mounted is sheetrock with the top/flat part also rocked. Everything else is 1/2" masonite all the way around to box it in because I needed a hard surface for the molding. All 3 windows are tied in to the top/bottom stair lights and the windows give off a nice soft light at night and during the day it gives the impression of a full size window. I still have to finish off the top with some sort of valance and black out the window in the theater room. This plant has been with me since day 1..I've kicked it around the basement, didn't water it for weeks, and it sure got plenty of dust on it and it still lives.

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Thanks Java i took me two weeks from morning to almost mornings...
The windows looks really great good idea!!!
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I like the window idea... though the plant on top kind of detracts from the illusion.
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Any updated pics? Was interested to see how the bookcases fit with the screen in the finished product. Looks like a great room!
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EXCELLENT idea with the window!
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I'll try to get some updated pics this weekend. I just finished the curtain tops/valances last night so the windows are complete. The end cabinets are done along with the speaker enclosures at the bottom.
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I just finished adding a small 3" can above the dart board to give more light to that area.

I had this Springsteen oil painting done when I was in the Phillipines back in the 70's. I finally found a good place for it.

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I just finished up the window treatments and the final coat of polyurethane to the woodwork. I used a piece of 3/16" black foam board from walmart and cut it down to the glass size for this room. I didn't want any light at all coming in through this window, except for the bias lighting behind the shutters.

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Bravo! Incredible transformation! Looks like an awesome place to kick back and relax!
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Thanks Hanes. I still have to do some paint touch ups, hang pictures, add can trim covers, and lots of other little things. The list goes on, but at least it's completely functional and we are really enjoying it.
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Here's the pics of the fireplace. It was fun project making the mantel and surround. All made out of various 1" x sizes of red oak. I went to my local fireplace store and snapped a few pics of their designs, surfed the net and came up with this design. There really isn't much to a mantel and surround. I picked up 2 boxes of 12"x12" granite tiles at Lowes for about 40.00 on clearance. I bought an inexpensive wet saw at HD for about 75.00 and it cuts just about every kind of tile and it worked out perfectly. I used granite thinset to set all the tiles. Once that stuff hardens, it's like iron.

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Nice job! That looks like such a comfy space. I'm finishing mine up now. It is taking me longer than I had planned. Same as you, red oak and stealing ideas from the net....and you!
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Thanks Randy,
Glad I can help in anyway. The fireplace store actually handed me a brochure of about a dozen of their different designs along with front/side view drawings and dimensions. I thought, man this like gold! It doesn't have a complete bill of materials, but it's enough information to easily make different mantels/surrounds and get ideas. You might be too far along, but let me know if you want a copy and I'll scan it and upload it somehow.
I'll post my bar pics sometime tonight or tomorrow. As I mentioned before, I borrowed quite a bit from your bar!
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Nice Job! Looks like a huge improvement and the stain color matches your bar too. Bravo!
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Java~The place looks awesome. You have some mad wood working skills my man, that fireplace surround and mantel are sweet. Randy you have been an inspiration to all of us here and the million times or so I have re-read and skimmed your thread I never knew you had a fireplace down there......
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I won't hijack Rich's thread, but I had a wood stove there and I'm tired of haulin' wood! Rich, feel free to delete my pic, I just wanted to show you what your inspiriation did for me!
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Javatime, great looking build. The wood work is incredible. I really like your screen wall, it's exactly what I'm looking for when I start version 2.o. What speakers are you using?
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