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PD7060 Bulb Life/Issues

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I purchased my PD7060 back from TigerDirect when they were on sale. I checked the bulb hours the other day and it only had 264 hours on it. Yet it is CONSIDERABLY darker than it previously has been. Could I have a defective bulb? My typical usage is my wife turns it on for about 30 minutes in the morning for my son to watch a DVD. Then I might watch it for a fews hours at night (typically 2 times a week). Does this daily on/off for short periods have that big of an affect on the bulb? I can't believe that the brightness has gone down so dramatically in such a short period of time. It's definitely very frustrating. Now to figure out where to purchase a new bulb to have as backup should this one die. Or maybe if I am going to spend $300 on a bulb I will investigate a different projector...

On a side note I have had the same cyclical pattern on my Samsung DLP upstairs for 5 years (although it is watched every night, as opposed to 2 nights a week) and that bulb is still kicking it SUPER STRONG! Are those bulbs just a different makeup than the PJ bulbs?

Thanks for reading & offering suggestions.
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I would go over all the settings on the projector if you have not and make sure nothing was change. Kids like to play with buttons and menus...
I have read that after 100 hours of use the bulbs will dim and shift color. This is the break in period. After that they stay constant for many hours. Calibration is normally done after the break in time. Good luck and let us know what you find.
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Second confirming your settings, but you could just have a bum bulb.

My 7060 was somewhere over 200 hours last time I checked and still has me squinting on brightly lit scenes coming out of dark transitions. However, my usage pattern is different...very seldom is it powered up for less than 2 hours per session giving the bulb plenty of time to thermally stabilize. Is there another TV your son could do his morning viewing on?

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Approximately 1500 hours on mine, constant gaming/movies and TV, with no appreciable loss in brightness, (that I can see). I have verified that it will lose the settings when unplugged or loss of power, I have to go in and re-set all of my menu items....
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I have tried unplugging & plugging back in to no avail. This morning I tried turning it on and it no longer turns on and throws the error message "Lamp Initial Fail"

I guess I am going to take the bulb out and see if it has broke.

However this stinks having to buy a new bulb after only 250 hrs.
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I just had my bulb go at about 700 hours. It got very dim for the last 5-10 hours of use. Very, very dim... and then poof.

Supposedly the lamp life is rated at 4000 hours, and I was hoping to get at least a bit over 2000 out if it. I very rarely ever had the projector on for less than 90 minutes at a time and even less frequently started it back up less than 2 hours after shutting it down. Plus I ran the projector in "eco" mode the entire time. It was ceiling mounted in a smoke and pet free environment with adequate space for ventilation on all sides.

Now I just wish I could find a lamp in the $300 range. Most places I've found so far want $450-$525.
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Where have you found in the $400 range? I only see prices for $535 and up.
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Originally Posted by VonnerNIX View Post

Where have you found in the $400 range? I only see prices for $535 and up.

I haven't found any in the lower $400 range yet. I sent you a PM with what I did find so far.
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I'm in the same boat. Bought mine about a year ago when they were on sale. It had been great until I turned it on yesterday, picture was very dim. I checked the settings, all looked fine. I too was always running in Eco mode, thought that was supposed to extend the lamp life. Mine only has 450 hours on it.

I would be very, very unhappy had I paid the $3000 MSRP and then had to replace a $500 lamp after only 450 hours, in Eco mode! I will be very disappointed if Planar won't help in this situation. These are obviously defective lamps. I know they only have a 90 day warranty on the lamp, but they should at least cut us a break on the price of a replacement if we got a defective lamp.

Based on the other posts, sounds like I can expect the lamp to go out completely any day now. Can anyone who found a better deal than what planaronline.com sells them for PM me?

If anyone gets Planar to work with them in this situation, let me know.
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Well, as expected, 5-10 hours after the dim image began, the lamp popped.

This lamp is rated at 4000 hours in Eco mode. I only got around 450. That's just over 10% and, in my opinion, is unacceptable. If Planar won't replace the lamp at no cost, I hope they'll at least let me purchase a replacement for whatever their cost is. We'll see. Hopefully they'll agree that this lamps performance was unacceptable and help out a very bummed customer.
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My bulb just blew today...not sure the exact hours but it was under 1000. I hope planar is willing to work with me. I have only had the projector for 14 months... and way below the rated 4000 hrs... any help that anyone can give is appreciated the cheapest lamp i can find is 495...

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Mine is at around 800 hours.

It's already way too dim... I had to put it on boost power mode.
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Well it finally gave in, it had around 900 hours on it.
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You can see this link for rate reference;

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So I bought a new bulb and have since put about 600 hours on it, and it's going dim again. This is ridiculous. I can't believe I have spent more on bulbs for this projector than I spent on the projector itself.

I'm debating on just selling it without a bulb and using that cash to purchase a new projector.
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Hate to drum up an old thread but I recently acquired a PD7060 from a friend. Has almost 1900 hours on it and he doesn't know the status of the bulb, may have been changed may not have been. Seems to be working ok but to be safe I wanted to replace it. Bought a lamp from an ebay guy with lots of good ratings. Put the bulb in yesterday and it seems to be darker than the bulb I had in there.

Now when I changed out the bulb from the housing it appears the bulb actually has some adjustments. You can actually angle the bulb a little by using a set screw at the bottom. Does this effect brightness at all? I havent tinkered with it yet but wanted some advice/direction before I do. Its on a mount do its a PITA to get down and make the changes and put back up each time.

if there is adjustments what am I trying to achieve? How do you tweak it to be aligned correctly? Mine is the one on the top and you can see the little set screw at the bottom which allows for adjustments..


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Since this old thread is up, any 7060 owners know a good source for replacement lamps? I just last week switched mine into bright mode after making it the last four plus years and about a thousand hours. Its noticeably dimmer, so I'm sure it's on it's way out.
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Thats there I got mine. Beware the housing is for a different projector. You will have to remove the bulb from the new one you get and put in your cage.

After rotating my bulb a little but loosening the screw it def appeared brighter. So also understand that there is some play in the housing and you should put back as it came. The little bit in the angle makes all the difference in brightness...
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