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As for temp differences in winter, how are things insulated? I've heard quite a lot of stories about seriously improved situations when techniques like foam insulation were applied. Several neighbors have had foam sprayed in and had dramatic improvements in winter heat conditioning.
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The trick is in finding that someone.

If I hadn't already been tricked multiple times, I'd trust professionals to actually be professionals and then there's my parent's old house that was condemned because of "professional" covering stuff up and took 7 years for the judicial system to play out. So I'd rather educate myself and do it right than pay someone to not do as good a job because they don't know or care enough to do the job right. I have a great mechanic that I trust and he only works on Acura, Honda, Lexus, and Toyota. So now that I've found a true professional, I'm stuck with the brands of cars I can buy. smile.gif So I know once you find that gem, you better take care of them so they can take care of you.

In this case, I do actually have some ancillary knowledge from my woodworking dust collection system. Not the same thing but similar concerns in relation to needing ducts open or the motor will burn out.

Thanks for the info. I better do some research down this path before I decide to get a normal thermostat system.

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I share your sentiments, it's hard to find reliable folks in any profession. It's not impossible for a non-professional to tackle it. That hard part isn't learning the required info, it's having enough tools and time to put it all together into a viable solution.

It's been my experience that when folks have areas of specific differences in HVAC results there's usually something larger wrong with the situation. Like poorly sized ducts somewhere, or mis-connected ones, or even the wrong kind of system. Thus my caution regarding the notion of sticking dampers in the mix somewhere. Finding out why those rooms aren't conditioned effectively would be my first thought. Have a plan for solving that first and then look to see what gizmos can be applied.

Could be as simple as a problem we had in the old house; someone had buried a manual damper behind a ceiling bulkhead (and it was 70% closed). It would have been dead simple for someone with a duct camera to find. Curiously the duct cleaning folks didn't discover it because their brush passed in along the direction of the vane and didn't get caught. I've got plenty of tools but as yet no cameras for ducts or plumbing. I'd have been more than willing to cut holes in the bulkhead had I know there was even a damper in there!

I'm eventually going to add an dust collecting system for my workshop. But I've got a whole lot more organizing and unpacking to do first! At some point I do want to revisit how to use RA2 to handle a blower motor. I tried using one on our range hood but it didn't work reliably (8ANS is probably not the right switch). Again, that's one of those 'round tuit' things...
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I am curious what everyone is looking for in an app and if what I have is marketable....

I wrote a web app almost 4 years ago for my Ra2 system: Interface has sliders for dimmers, buttons for switches/scenes, scene recorder that records the state of all the switches/ dimmers that can be altered and 'played back' , 2 way communication for all the dimmers/buttons/scenes. Server side interlocks (turn one light on/off and it turns another on/off), conditional logic for occupancy.

I have completely rewritten my app to run on a Raspberry Pi which will cut the cost by 1/3 to a plug and use system. If anyone is interested in adding my additional functionality (or the functionality suggested by others) to a RA2 system send me a PM...
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