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McIntosh MVP891
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Originally Posted by asherwood View Post

McIntosh MVP891

A redo of the MVP881 aka DVD-A1UDCI (or in copper armor an UD9004) with 3D.

Should make a nice second hand machine when it becomes available for 2k on

Keeping the A1 for SACD with analogs out to PR-SC5509 (inferior DACs to the AKMs in the Denon) and PS3 with Harmony IR adapter until then (outrageously cool looking 3D native Prometheus on the HC9000D).
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Originally Posted by jruser View Post

I am in shock of the price of these. The Oppo price seemed reasonable, but speechless at the rest.

That's why we practice this as a hobby, the swapmeet is where you get half price used.
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Not possible, unfortunately. iTunes doesn't play nice with multichannel music, even when formatted in AAC or alac. It does play 96/24 and higher stereo, but Appletv and AirPlay streaming still resamples everything to 48/16.
Originally Posted by Cherylandmike View Post

How does the average non technical person rip SACD, DVD-Audio or Blu-Ray Audio to iTunes and play it back via an AppleTV in lossless 5.1? I know that I can't do it.

When ripping and playing high resolution surround audio becomes as simple as ripping a standard CD and playing back via iTunes on an AppleTV connected to me receiver via HDMI I'll sign on. Until then I'll spin discs on my universal transport.
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Well, VLC is close to being a universal player and has a Mac version. It plays multi-channel sources on my PC and I would think it would do so on a Mac. Ripping is another matter and I'm not familiar with what is currently available on the Mac. I use DVD-Audio Extractor along with other ripper's on my PC. I don't use VLC for much besides video, Foobar is my player of choice but isn't available for the Mac.
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Lexicon BD-30 Oppo knockoff:

DVD-A1UDCI copied into UD9004 (copper chassis and feet, and shiny transformer cage), then into MVP881/891 (1950ies buttonade and glass add 3D to the 891).
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