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Is this Blu-Ray dvd fake? How do we tell?

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Hey all so I am trying to buy the Planet Earth: BBC editions series dvd on Blu-Ray. I am using Amazon and on the right side it says "56 used and new from $42.00".

If you look at the THIRD one down, the seller's name is JAYFR. It is currently for $45.00 (which seems too true to be real lol). And it is also new. He has good ratings but just like on EBAY, this doesn't mean anything.

Here is the main page selling for $63.99:http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00...J536ZCAV8C9YF4

Now why would someone pay $63.99 when you can just buy it by clicking the right button for $45.00? These are individual sellers, so does it have the same idea of EBAY? (dvd might actually be ripped, etc.)?

I read that Blu-Ray movies on the market may have the Blu-Ray insignia on them but they are not even copied Blu-Ray movies but simply Blu-Ray movie files that have been ripped, re-encoded to fit onto dual layer DVDs, and falsely sold as high definition entertainment to the unsuspecting. A lot of fakes ones are really 720p NOT 1080p, and I would just like to know your opinions. I can only buy it at a low price also so this is needed

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Caveat emptor

After you buy from a less than reputable source, your player should tell you...
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"dvd Blu Ray" is an oxymoron. It can't be both.
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Updated links, they weren't working before
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That's just like asking why do sellers list cds that are still available for under $10 for like $70 on the same link as the available cds?
I mean who the hell knows?
I guess some people are just stupid as crap plain and simple.
btw: there are many bds from the UK being listed for absurd prices by sellers on amazon US.
and they all say "RARE OOP bd"
I mean regular bds that anyone can order on amazon uk for $20 or so being sold as "rare" bds for $100 or so.
It's just crazy.
I'm sure some fool has bought some of these.
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I wouldn't worry about it. If I recall correctly, Amazon had this set for $40ish a little while ago. They were probably competing with Amazon's price until Amazon jacked it up.
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It doesn't necessarily have to be nefarious. I sold a sealed Blu-Ray Planet Earth on half.com for <$40, because that was the pricing that it would sell at. I got my copy from the Red2Blu program, and had no intention of getting rid of the HD-DVD version.
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I have sold stuff on Amazon that I totally didn't need. I usually sell really cheap to move inventory. It could be the guy has an extra copy, or just hates the program. His price is not jaw-droppingly low, IMO.

Also, it could be the Discovery channel version narrated by Sigourney Weaver, which is a little shorter and in 1080i only. I once bought something that did not match from an Amazon seller, and he gave me full credit.

I also once bought a defective item. When the seller would not return my e-mails, Amazon gave me credit. I think you can safely buy it. You can always send an e-mail question to the seller.
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Going price on the BBC set from Amazon UK is still around $43 shipped (currency exchange had it a bit under 42 a couple weeks ago) to the US and you get the 5 disc BluRay (yes region free) instead of the 4 disc BBC US set. Shipments generally arrive in 7-10 days. The 5th disc isn't a true Planet Earth episode, but 2 episodes of another BBC series called Natural World, but it also narrated by David Attenborough and are 1080i encodes. The first 4 disc of the BBC box are identical to the US boxset except for a few of the labels and yes they are 1080p to counter another argument.

Walmart and Amazon were both selling the 4 disc BBC Blu Ray for $36+ within the last couple weeks though neither deal is currently active so at least there was a slight advantage to the 4 disc set.

Going through Ebay Market/Ebay/3rd party for $45, or Amazon.co.uk for $43 are the options I say it's a slam dunk.
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Originally Posted by Compguy123 View Post

Now why would someone pay $63.99 when you can just buy it by clicking the right button for $45.00? These are individual sellers, so does it have the same idea of EBAY? (dvd might actually be ripped, etc.)?

I doubt it's bootleg. If it is, you can file a claim at Amazon and you'll get a refund.

Sellers like to sell things cheap all the time. I suspect they're stolen or something. Or maybe they bought it, decided they didn't want it after all and they couldn't return it. Even on Ebay, many people sells BDs at a starting bid of $0.99. Of course, the greedy people jack up the bids so you never can actually get it for that cheap of a price. Just think, if people aren't greedy and would leave the first bidder alone, a lot of people can get their merchandise of $0.99.
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There's also a 6-disc set in the Netherlands that includes the 5 UK discs plus the 6th disc with the extras from the DVD set which never made it over, in HD.

Don't get why they'd get them when the BBC's own release didn't.
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The last I heard is that the 6th disc with extras isn't really HD, but just a SD port of the DVD extras.

I just can't understand why the company will not release the 110+ minutes of "Behind the Scenes" sections that were broadcast in HD. Maybe add the UK 5th disc episodes or even PE: The Future episodes that were also released on the DVD set (though as I understand The Future episodes may not be full HD like the original PE series. I'd certainly buy a standalone disc with those extras if they were done correctly and I'm sure many, many others would also.
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Originally Posted by RobertR View Post

"dvd Blu Ray" is an oxymoron. It can't be both.

Well....yes and no! Some folks are ripping blu ray films and encoding them on AVCHD at 720p using dual layer dvds.. These discs can only be played using a blu ray player and those who are not knowlegeable could be led to believe that these are blu ray discs. A Yamaha model 3900 receiver correctly identifies these as dvds encoded by AVCHD when you hit the title button. If you have a good 1080p display, the picture looks stunningly beautiful. If encoded in 1080p (for shorter features) the picure looks awesome!
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Hi just sharing this video on how tell fake blu rays from real ones. There are 2 types:

Dvd9 and the blu ray recorded on either 25 or 50gig
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Funny, I just watched the first disc of the Attenborough version and it was stunning with my new darbee darblet. It was really amazing eek.gif
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"So what we know regarding these pirated BDs?"

- It is still a Blu-Ray disc, vary in 2 sizes which is 25Gb & 50Gb
- this type of BD will play on the PS3 & any BD player.
- it's hard to differentiate the quality between the pirated BD & original to the normal consumer eye without the right gadgets (Full HD TV + 5.1 surround sound system)
- some of the new ones are 1 - 1 exact copy with minor compression issues on video audio bit-rate.

"So what? it's still a BD movie, it's hard to tell, the quality is good. What's the big fuss all about?"

- compression issues. pictures might be a bit pixelated in some area or there's a lot of 'noise' in the background due to this issues.
- there's no extras, behind the scenes. alternate ending, bonus, spoofs n what not to be included in the pirated BD.
- interactive menus might not be working properly.
- that feeling of being cheated after you're willing to spend money for original product just because you can or to show support for the industry.

"How to differentiate between original Blu-Ray with the pirated/imitation copy?"

- that's one tough questions. If were looking for small defect in quality over cover-art, boxes, or special edition boxes it hard to tell due to a lot of these material can be made look exactly the same as the originals.
- well when you bought the disc you might only get 1 disc instead of 2 as shown on review sites.

(for example like when one of my friend who'd bought The Ultimate Matrix Collection. on first look it was exactly the same... yet out of the 7 disc that he suppose to get, there's only 6 of em. What's missing was The Matrix Digital Copy (an extra copy of the already supplied BD but on DVD -could be seen on this link: The Matrix Ultimate Collection Youtube Review)

truth be told, we need to research more in this subject of differentiating between originals n imitation since a lot of us are buying BD movie online & didn't realise we were spending our good money on scams & fake product.
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I have purchased many Blu-ray titles from Amazon third party sellers and sellers on EBay for very low prices and all titles have been high quality no bootlegs. I don't believe there is not a lot of bootleg Blu-ray sold via amazon or EBay those sites are very concerned about copy right violations. The movie studios are much more concerned about internet file sharing via video streaming. If you are concerned send a message to the seller asking if the product is an original?
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