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Strange light on my new Samsung 55" B650

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Hi all,

I recently just got a Samsung 55" B650 TV. The picture quality is great! However, there was one thing that I noticed which kind of bothered me. For some reason, when I first turn on the TV, on the left side of the screen, there appears this somewhat bright light (sort of like a small backlit lamp) that's brighter than the rest of the screen. When I watch the TV normally, for the most part, it looks good, although I can still kind of notice the light standing out.

This behavior does not look normal. Is this a defect? It doesn't look like a dead pixel or anything. Do I contact the company I purchased this TV from about this or should I just contact Samsung directly? I would appreciate any feedback.

Thanks for reading!
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It sounds like you be experiencing what is often referred to as flashlighting which can afflict LCS displays. Most often though flashlights appear in the corners.
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There are ccfl tubes behind the LCD panel that generate backlight. Around 16 horizontal tubes of approximately 6 mm in diameter evenly spaced from each other. Keeping the same brightness level along full length of these tubes is not an easy task.... a lot depends on inverter quality - inverter capability to keep this brightness same along full length. Sometimes one end of this CCFL array (left, or right – depending which end is grounded to metal frame) glows brighter than the rest. That end becomes hotter compared to the rest of the frame - and therefore the gas can glow brighter for the same given current. This is why the inverter PCB can not fix the problem easily.

The latest LCD TV’s should have uniform brightness along full length of backlight CCFL arrays – take some photos of the problem you are experiencing and send them to Samsung.

…. and…. do not accept repair option….because this problem is not easy to repair. The inverter board replacement usually does not produce any results…. This leaves the CCFL replacement as the only option left. Now, the CCFL replacement requires full disassembly of the LCD panel, diffusers and brightness enhancing film sheets. Putting everything together requires careful alignment, experience, sensibility, proper orientation of those plastic films…and dust-free environment.

Demand new TV.

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Hey guys,

Thanks for your awesome feedback. Yeah, the symptom is exactly what you guys are describing. I do have pictures that I wanted to post on here, but unfortunately I haven't posted enough in the forums to have permission to link it here.

At any rate, I felt there was something wrong when I saw that light was being brighter than others. Other TV's I've seen (even display models in the store) have uniform lighting, so the extra light bothers me. Since this seems like a big problem, and since I basically got the TV a few days ago, is this something that I can just call the retailer about (I got it online from circuit city, not sure how they'd handle returns), or do I just let samsung worry about it?

Again, thanks so much for your feedback.
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