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I'm having issues with my Epson 6500 PJ and JVC BP1 setup.

When I connect the JVC XV-BP1 BD player direct to the Epson 6500ub PJ using an HDMI cable (40ft), the picture 'flickers' every 20-30 seconds or so.
The BD has a setting for 1080p/24 and 1080p/60 but no matter which it's set to, it still flickers.
I know it's not possible to change any resolution settings on the PJ as it's a true 1080p output. However, when i change the settings on the BD player from 1080p to a lower resolution (720p or 1080i etc), there's no flicker ???

As I've posted this on another area of the forum, I've had some ansers back saying that this could be an HDMI cable issue. As I'm using Blue Jeans Cables's Series 1 on a 40ft run (I read on this forum that this was a fine cable to use), perhaps Kurt can respond if he knows of any reason for this