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SAMSUNG SIR T165 to Laptop?

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Is there any firmware to feed to my laptop to get it to not only recognize this firewire connection, but allow me to record onto my laptop and/or view shows? It identifies the HDTV tuner just fine, but prompts that it requires a firmware CD to initiate usefulness. Did Samsung ever produce (or envision) such a thing?
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AFAIK Samsung never offered what you are looking for. Their intention was simply to be able to hook the receiver up to a D-VHS or similar product. IIRC there were threads about this years ago here. You might try a search...
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There was a product called Firebus http://vividlogic.com/

You can try the evaluation software here http://www.vividlogic.com/products/d...nload_now.html
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The Samsung SIR-T165 is the only way I know that you can record HDTV (over the air-OTA) to tape using a JVC special VCR. I have the combo and save PBS programs and games to tape- wish I could do the same with cable or satellite- but no chance on that one! If you want to record over the air programs- and don't want to wait for 'whatever' HD DVD (Blu Ray, HD DVD, or something else) to get as inexpensive (about two years away or more) get this combo!
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While not for recording, I have used the SIR-T150 for viewing on a PC via use of its RGB output. I actually kept a couple of those old units for just such a purpose. I took a very old 19 inch tube TV in a spare bedroom out and replaced it with a SIR-T150 hooked to a 19 inch computer monitor and have it hooked to a spare pair of powered computer speakers. I have a friend with a spare T165 and one of these days I may snag it just for laughs. I assume you hooked it up with a 6 pin to 4 pin firewire cable?
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Search for Exdues drivers. Download and install them following the step by step instructions with the sammy plugged into the firewire on your lappy, and wherever you see cable stb/dvr replace it with samsung.
Then d/l and install capdvhs and record your show.
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I thought virtualdvhs was supposed to look just like a dVHS deck to the external device.
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it does. my sharp tv will control virtualdvhs.
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