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From the "Hot Off The Press" Thread (top of 'HDTV Programming' page). frown.gif

TV Notes
'The Office' will end next season
By James Hibberd, EW.com's 'Inside TV' Blog - Aug. 21, 2012

NBC is closing The Office.

The veteran comedy — and NBC’s highest-rated scripted series (gulp!) — will conclude after the upcoming ninth season.

Despite its status as the network’s top entertainment program, the show fell to an all-time ratings low last season following the exit of Steve Carell and general sense among fans that the comedy’s best days were behind it. Now original showrunner (seasons 1-5) Greg Daniels is retaking the creative reins for one last season.

“This year feels like the last chance to really go out together and make an artistic ending for the show that pays off a lot of the stuff that matters most to fans,” Daniels announced to reporters Tuesday. “This will be the last season of The Office. And we’re planning a very big exciting last season. We’re going to have a lot of faces coming back … There are a lot of things that I’ve personally been wanting to do since season two … All questions will be answered this year. We’re going to see who’s behind the documentary … Now that we know we have an end date we can blow things up and take some chances and it will be very freeing, creatively.

The decision was partly driven by the sense that many of the actors would likely not be around for a tenth season (either due to commitments on other projects, like Mindy Kaling and Rainn Wilson, or due to the rising cost of the show’s key players, like John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer). “You have a choice — only tell the beginning of story and the middle, or allow a story to end,” Daniels said. “If we didn’t let it end this year, I don’t think we would have been able to tell the ending stories of so many characters… we couldn’t count on getting everybody back for season 10.”

That said, creatively rebooting the show was considered. “You could see a world where new people keep coming on the show,” Daniels said. “But I think [we want to] do justice to the existing characters in the most creative and explosive way and that means the show will be changed to such a degree that if anything was to continue it wouldn’t be the same show.”

The showrunner said to expect some “crazy Dwight” stories, a lot of drama in the Jim and Pam storyline, to see Roy’s wedding and David Wallace running Dunder Mifflin. But will the show’s former star, Carell, be back? “We would certainly wish for it,” Daniels said. “We’re not going to put so much pressure on Steve by writing something that would only work if he would return. He really loves how he was exited. He’s probably anxious about not messing up such a stylish exit. It’s a perfectly legitimate point. We’ll see.”

Here’s Daniels talking to EW.com about The Office a few days ago (and much more vaguely):

EntertainmentWeekly: Broadly, what can fans expect to be new/different about season 9?
Greg Daniels:
We will be doing more [character] arcs, and more drama in the Jim and Pam story line. We are planning some big surprises … I’m guessing the show will feel more like Dunder-Mifflin from before the Sabre merger [when former showrunner Paul Lieberstein took over].

Given the age of the show and the spinoff plans [The Farm], are you expecting to write a series finale next season?
Considering we are still NBC’s highest-rated scripted show, with a cast of 17 all-stars, any decision about a series finale will be made for creative reasons only. [Which, clearly, have now been made].

What can you tell us about [new hire] Jake Lacy’s character, how does he impact things?
Jake Lacy and Clark Duke are both hired to handle the enormous number of customer service complaints that Kelly [Mindy Kaling] neglected over the years. They are pals and in their mid 20s.

How much will David Denman [Roy -- Pam's former love interest] be in the show? And Mindy Kaling will be in two episodes?
So far, David Denman and Mindy have shot one episode each. I hope to get a few more out of them before the season is over.

Any other new characters or departures that we don’t already know about?
All you know about the season are a couple of scraps of hiring information that we couldn’t hide. The other surprises will impact on air.

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Originally Posted by gruven42 View Post


+1. It's time.
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It's past time.
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Was still funnier than most other sitcoms on TV, although it wouldn't have survived long after Dwight leaving anyway.
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Originally Posted by MatteoMS View Post

Was still funnier than most other sitcoms on TV, although it wouldn't have survived long after Dwight leaving anyway.

If I were Rainn Wilson I wouldn't get too comfortable. I give his new show 6 eps - tops - before it's yanked. A little bit of Dwight is fine; a weekly series starring that character is a root canal.
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Aren't they making the farm show with Dwight? if so when?
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Thread Starter 
Season 9 premier tonight!!

Can we please change the thread title "Season 9". I will PM one of the forum leaders later on today.

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Originally Posted by Young C View Post

Season 9 premier tonight!!
Can we please change the thread title "Season 9". I will PM one of the forum leaders later on today.

I have a suggestion: "The Mercifully Final Season of The Office and Not a Moment Too Soon on NBC-HD".
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hahah. Funny biggrin.gif
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Maybe "Prequel to Schrute Farms in HD on NBC"
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Wasnt as bad as I was expecting..had some good laughs (at least for me)..The angle with Jim (his new job opportunity)Im not sure on yet, could be a good way for both him and Pam to exit the show.....
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I also had a few laughs.

I'm actually trying to work on my balance. Balancing squats is hard lol biggrin.gif
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I watched the first two eps of S8 on the TiVo tonight and found both to be quite entertaining. Despite what the pundits here have to say I can see this having a good ending if they can keep the momentum that's building.
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I don't know what it is, but at this point some part of me wants to see Jim and Pam fail miserably. There is some amount of enjoyment to be had in watching them struggle.
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Best episode in a long time...I also am liking the Pam/Jim angle.
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So, maybe I missed it, but the whole Erin thing was a practical joke right? from the newbies?

Erin's still growing on me.. she looked quite nice last night..
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The one with glasses was trying to get to her come to his place, try on sexy outfits, and ply her with wine.
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asian jim... awesome.

how can this be? this last season is actually fun to watch...
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AndyObama and JimNixon
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The Office officially has been taken off my DVR for recording last night. I'm done with this show.
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This one cracked me up. I love man-child Kevin, and any elaborate prank on Dwight is bound to entertain.
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Dwight still falling for Jim's jokes.. when's he gonna learn?
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Show is finally starting to wrap up...Interesting potential storylines.

I could have down without the blantant product-placement tonight, but that is TV nowadays.

I'm about to start an 8-season marathon...It's going to be rough since those 1st couple seasons were amazing television.
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It's interesting that Ed Helms is essentially off the show at this point. Wonder if that had to do with his movie workload or if they're just shaving down the budget as the show wraps up...? He's still in the title credits.
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the lack if Helms is addition by subtraction. When the basketball was picked up I saw dunk coming, but not the death of fish (LOL)..
The pens segment was boring... the 2 new young guys do not seem to fit
Angela is my fav character and what is up with most of the cast having matching character and real first names ,,, are they that dumb they might not remember??
I miss Spader.. been downhill since he left
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So I have many potential targets of being fired so many choices:

Jim: He's working 2 jobs, but I guess he'll quit and not be fired
Creed: Finally caught stealing something valuable (he stole a ring last night)
Andy: Maybe the most likely candidate, he's been away for far too long

Well maybe everybody has a reason to be fired TBH
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How could Jim do that to Pam!!
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yeah, what a downer for ending the episode, I thought this was supposed to be a comedy!!
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I thought that was the best episode in a long time.
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