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different brand Fronts and Surrounds?

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hey quick question for you guys

i know it's not good to mismatch Fronts and Center

but what about matching Fronts and Center but different Surrounds?

would this cause issues or do many people do this?
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I have older Polk L/Rs and center (matched set), newer Polk back surounds, and Def Tech BP2X side surrounds. Between THX Timbre Matching/Re-EQ and Audyssey MultEQ it all sounds great.
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I frankly don't think its anywhere near as important for the side / rear surrounds to be "voice matched" to the fronts / center.

I'm running DefTech BP8Bs / CLR2002 for my mains / center along with an Outlaw sub and Energy C-50s for sides and rears in a 7+1 system.
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It's not Ideal but if you had to mismatch any speakers it would be the rears that you would want to.
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There's so much talk about strictly matching the front three (with which I would agree in principle), but how many people bother to or even can have the center tweeter at the same height as the tweeters in the front mains? Somebody recently posted about whether it would matter if his center was four feet lower while the left and right were like five feet closer to the seating area! Might as well not sweat matching in that setup

Unless you are really anal about speaker placement--have calculated room modes, measured to the inch on the exact angle . . . you're not going to hear the difference. Some with real technical knowledge argue the head related transfer function obviates the need to match the surrounds. So, I wouuldn't sweat it.

UNLESS, that is, you're talking about drastic mismatches like electrostatics with conventional woofers or horns, etc.
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