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Firewire blow out

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Hello friends and experts. We recently purchased two new HD cameras. Before use, we tested them regarding firewire capture. We tried the camera on various firewire devices, including a PC with three PCI adaptors, a firewire hub, our Mac production computer. We discovered one camera failed to provide firewire connectivity. After returning the camera, the manufacturer says a "third party device" blew out a chip on the main board, and sent a repair estimate of about $1,000 along with a picture of a scorch mark on the equipment. The other camera is OK and we connected it to pretty much the same stuff.

I have read up on 1394. My question is this: Is the camera manufacturer at fault? Should we get them to cover repair?

I understand power protection is part of the 1394 standard, but cannot find a full set of specifications on the internet as IEEE charges for the docs. Please help. Thanks.
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Sounds like someone was hot-plugging equipment. The 6-pin firewire connector carries power on one of the pins. If the connector goes in at too much of an angle, the lines short and you can get damage like this. This is a well-known issue...
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If so, that would be a very expense IEEE 1394 standards flaw. However, I am SURE I did not stuff a connector in at an odd angle (assuming that is possible). What I am sure of is that power protection is a critical part of providing a good user experience. I saw a lot on that subject via Google.
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Oh, it is more than possible to damage a device by hot-plugging. Google that. Believe it or not, some folks have actually succeeded in plugging in backwards.

Perhaps the device was damaged before you even got it, returned to the dealer, and later resold to you...
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