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Vizio SV421XVT Calibration Settings?

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Hey guys and gals im new here i just ordered this tv and was wondering whats the best settings to use for this tv? thanks in advance
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check this thread.


search for the user 'dachness'. he has a few posts that explain good settings.
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I looked him up but he didnt calibrated the tv i bought he calibrated a 47 of last years model mine is this year model sv421xvt so it should be different anybody else here know the settings of this tv?
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Doesn't anybody have this tv?
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Im looking into getting this thing shortly beings my old sony has finally decided to call it quits on working. I see wallyworld really dropped the price on this tv...Im really shocked it dropped this fast. Going to be getting the 42".

Was originally looking at the lg lgh90 47" but its a bit outta my price range...real shame cause that tv has some really good reviews and has a marvelous picture even out the box. One of my friends has one and I really wanted it cause the price is sick on the thing right now and its led.

But anyways I'm no pro at callibrating things but maybe I'll give it a go after I get this vizio. I downloaded some hd calibration thing on the forum here a while back if I can find the cd. Just moved so everything is still packed up..go figure. Maybe even try dach's settings from the previous line of vizio's cause he had excellent calibrations for that thing....wont hurt to try ya know.
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OK, here's what I got for watching Blu-rays

Backlight 60-80, depending on ambient light conditions
Brightness 44
Contrast 54
Color 44
Tint 3
Sharpness 3

Noise Reduction Medium
Color Enhancement Off
Advanced Adaptive Luma Extend
Backlight Control Off
Color Temp Custom with all colors set to 128
Smooth Motion Effect Off
Real Cinema Mode Smooth
Film Mode Auto

I used the THX optimizer from Star Wars DVD to set Brightness and Contrast and got everything else by messing around with the settings for a few weeks. Color and sharpness are pretty subjective, so it's advisable for you to find your own preferences. Smooth Motion Effect should be set to Off in my opinion; function makes everything look like a video-taped sit-com. These settings are also good for streaming Netflix movies. Sorry, no cable, so I don't really have settings for broadcast stuff. I find the default settings for Game mode are actually well suited for 360 and PS3 games. Hope that's helpful. Phil
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I posted my basic settings experiences here for the 47":


I think setting brightness to 44 and contrast to 54 would not work at all with my set, but I will try them at home at some point.

I prefer noise reduction at low and Luma at off. I don't have a "backlight control" but Smart Dimming is certainly on.

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I apologize, you are asking for the 421 not the 422. I was talking about LED backlit settings which don't apply to the 421 at all. Ignore me.

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I just purchased this tv last night. The picture quality is great, but I'm having problems with the sound. Any time the sound is not active (whether it be from FFing through commercials or dvd content, pausing, or muting the tv), as the sound starts to come back on it's very quiet and takes roughly 2-3 seconds before it's back to the level it's supposed to be. Is there a settings change I can do to adjust this, or do i need to return it for a new tv? If so, is this a common problem for this vizio?
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go into the audio menu. i cant think of what its called, but there is a setting that "normalizes" the audio, so if a commercial is louder than the program, it automatically adjusts the volume. turn that off and it should help.
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I'm having problems with the 421XVT. When I have TruVolume turned on sometimes the dialog gets very soft and I can hardly hear it and then another person will talk and it's loud. Truvolume is supposed to stabalize the sound but it is making it worse. A friend of mine has this TV also and she told me one day she was having the exact same problem. Is anyone else having this happen?

When Truvolume is on the sound is all over the place.
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I have the SV421XVT. My tv service is directv HD. I have noticed recently that HD shows and hd movies filmed in low light or that have lots of dark scenes (Harry potter movies, or shows like trueblood) look like crap. It looks as though there is some kind of distortion or electrical interference going on but I only notice in in those dark scenes.
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Anyone know where I Can Find Vizio sv472xvt Calibration Settings (if...they exist..??)
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Originally Posted by fotoguy777 View Post

Anyone know where I Can Find Vizio sv472xvt Calibration Settings (if...they exist..??)

Just saw you post, who could miss it. Try this link:http://www.tweaktv.com/tweak-my-tv/c...-sv472xvt.html
For future reference, It is obvious you are either new to forums or you do not care. If you use large bold print it tends to mean that you are rude or you think your post is more important than anyone else's. Just a little forum etiquette. Thanks
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