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To continue to pump money into it to get marginal better results I felt wasn't warranted. I

While sound isolation is not always an "all or nothing" proposition, a simple oversight or error at the beginning can render all your other costs as "marginal". Decoupling will not only make a significant improvement in sound isolation it work to improve the performance of stuff like Green Glue.
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Dennis, I agree entirely. I did what I could with the research I had. As you know, when us newbs go out and do this, there is so much to learn. I'm sure there are things that could have been done better. I reached out while I could for advise and took some where I could. We are going to rock today so I expect a giant mess when I get home!
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So no one went over these options with you?
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Originally Posted by mvivanco View Post

I would assume he did the calculations. If not, he would definitely be coming back out. He knows full well all the lights that are going in. There will be 7 3" halogen, 6 4" halogen and 4 sconce lights. The wattage of the bulbs, well that hasn't been determined yet. Oh yeah, and a projector I don't know if they are all on the same circuit or not. That I will ask.

The PJ should be on a separate circuit (verify that it is!).

So with 17 lights you would be at 1700W with 100W bulbs. That should be OK for a 15A circuit. Your sconces will likely be lower wattage bulbs anyway (just a guess), but the cans may be higher. I would stay under ~1500W if you can. That way, if you have to turn everything on (like for cleaning or working on the room) you shouldn't have to worry about tripping the breaker.
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Ted, no it was not gone over with me. There was a ton of stuff we did go over but that wasn't one of them.
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Mike, I the projector is on its own circuit. I think I'll talk with the electrician tomorrow about what is on its own circuit.
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Also with the Grafik eye, it's recommended (strongly) to use a 4 gang masonry box not a standard box. It's deeper than a standard box. It's almost impossible to get all the wires into a standard box (and it's still a bit if a squeeze in the masonry box, at least for six zones). I don't know why there would be any reluctance to run a 20 amp circuit to the grafik eye. It's so easy to do while the walls are still open.
My Grafik eye install

Did you consider a power bridge for your projector so it could be plugged into the same surge suppressor as the rest of your system?

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Status update... Drywall is up and the first two coats of mud have been applied. The last coat will be on Monday. Earliest I'll be able to paint is Tuesday. That is bad because my brother-in-law leaves on Wednesday and I was hoping he could help me.

So instead I rented a 13' scaffold so we could paint the family room, foyer and kitchen. The family room and foyer have 18' ceilings. This is going to be a "fun" weekend.
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Drywall photos maybe will go up tomorrow.
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A grafik eye is a must for all home theaters. Did you post your finished pics?

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I'll post some updated photos this weekend. I was busy with practicing for my Black Belt test. Now that its over, I am back to trying to get this basement finished. It looks great.
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