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Benq PE7700 HDMI problem "HDMI (UNSUPPORTED)"

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disclaimer: Im sorry if im going over something thats been beaten to death already, but i just dont have the vocabulary with this equipment to know what the problem might be.

the setup:
I have a BenQ PE7700 hooked up via 2 15 foot HDMI cables joined by an ebay HDMI extender/booster, to a Sony STR-DG910 that is connected via HDMI to several sources.

the problem:
the other day while enjoying my newly setup system, we discovered what the "mystery switch" on the wall did: it turned off the power to the outlet that the projecter was plugged into hence. after starting the projector back up again all i get is a message in the lower left saying "HDMI (UNSUPPORTED)" and shows just a blank white screen. i have tried different cables with and without the extender in all different lengths with and without the extender, tried them in different inputs on the reciever and then even plugged directly into sources. tonight when i got home, just for shits and giggles i tried powering the system up, and it seemed to work for a second, we had video, with everything going to through the reciever and booster, but then it stopped, just went to a black screen, and stayed like that. as soon as i rebooted the projector it immediatly went back to saying "HDMI (UNSUPPORTED)". the projector did work perfectly when i tried plugging in a component source.

im extremely frustrated, if anyone has any advice other "send it back to BenQ" i would be extremely grateful. i have no desire to ship this thing back accross the country.
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I'm wondering if the EDID information (the info that tells the projector how to decode an HDCP signal) was corrupted when all power was removed from the projector. If that's the case either you or BenQ should be able to re-flash the EDID ROM and get it back up and running again. In essence (assuming the above statement is true) you'd simply need a firmware upgrade to resolve this.
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how would i go about flashing the firmware?
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The only way I know of is to send it in to BenQ.
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