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Best option if all I want is Netflix and Hulu?

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I've finally decided to bite the bullet and cancel our satellite package. I was all set to buy the Roku box when I started reading about Popcorn Hour (et al.), so now I'm interested in getting Hulu as well. Here are my requirements:

- Netflix and Hulu streaming
- Compatibility with Harmony remotes
- Wifi connectivity
- Component output

I don't mind a little tweaking, but once it's setup I'd like it to be easy enough for my wife and kids to use.

I'm really intrigued by something like the PCH A-100/110, but is Hulu still available through PlayOn? Also, I read that you can't fast-forward or rewind using PlayOn. Is this something that's likely to change?

On final factor is the possibility of Hulu on the Roku box. I'm not holding my breath, but if anyone could offer any encouragement on that front it would probably seal the deal.

Any thoughts?
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Nothing is going to do native Netflix and Hulu, except a HTPC. Both will work on any UPNP-compatible streamer with Playon, but there are definite compromises with that, and it's up to you to decide if it's worth it.
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PlayOn can be used on quite a few devices, such as the Xbox360, SageTV HD200 (http://www.geektonic.com/2009/09/sag...ings-hulu.html), etc..., not just the PCH. To be honest though I have heard a lot of people who want to ditch cable/satellite for some device to get netflix, hulu, etc... and always end up dissappointed either going back to cable/sat or building a dedicated HTPC.

I wouldn't be surprised if Hulu sooner then later goes to a paid model of sorts, and at that point you will probably start seeing native support in devices like you see with Netflix.
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If you stream netflix through PlayOn you will NOT get HD streams. HD netflix streams are not available on the PC (which is what PlayOn proxies). If you want HD Netflix streams and Hulu your best (only?) option right now is an Xbox 360 + PlayOn. The Xbox has native netflix support and can use playon for Hulu.
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I'm in the same boat. I built a HTPC but disappointed with the results. Currently I use a PS3/Play-On combo for Hulu and TivoHD (series 3) for netflix.

I hate using nextflix on PS3 as you can't forward/reverse more than 1.5x without losing the continuity and waiting for buffer to catchup on content.
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Hmm. Thanks for the input. I think I'm just going to go the Roku route and hope some options open up for Hulu down the road...
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The roku is a nice box. Its flexible, small, quiet and best of all it actually works... playon is a joke compared to that in terms on interface and reliability.

have you considered a BD player like SamSung on LG with the netflix built in.

both of those work very well...

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Can you use PlayOn with either of those players? My plan at this point is to wait until decent BD players drop below the $200 price point. I guess if I could kill two birds with one stone for $300 I might be interested though...
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no but thats the point. They have real netflix support built in like the roku box..... great interface and reliable...

LG has a player on amazon for $173


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and samsung for $199


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Gotcha. I thought maybe some of those players may be able to utilize DLNA servers like PlayOn in addition to direct Netflix support. I guess that was just wishful thinking...
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And Insignia (Best Buy?) on sale for $150.
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Wow..... Its getting hard to justify the $99 roku with these BD players becoming so affordable..... I hope roku can add some more providers but all I use mine for is netflix....

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I agree, but I doubt the Insignia will hold up over the long haul. It's tempting, but I don't want to have to replace it in a year.
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Officially BD390 is DLNA certified; so, it's supposed to work with Playon. In practice it does work with some clips, but mostly not. I hope one day LG and Mediamall will come together to fix that.
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In general I find play on to be very unreliable.... Hows does it work with tversity or twonky or WMP11? Any experiences their to share?

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