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Cleveland Plasma is the Best!

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I don't quite know where to post this but since it involved my purchase of a Panasonic 54V10 plasma TV, this forum makes sense. However, if I could, I would post this on every forum.

About a month ago I ordered a Panasonic 54V10 from Cleveland Plasma. I scheduled a delivery and took the afternoon off to wait for the delivery to arrive. They came towards the end of the scheduled time but that was ok. I was too excited to care. The box wasn't perfect. It had some creases and the tape looked taped over like it was opened before. I tried not to let it worry me although it did. The 2 guys brought the TV in and put it in my living room. They unboxed it and I unwrapped the TV. I looked it over - no scratches or cracks. The screen looked perfect. I went to plug it in. The guys were being helpful and went through the box and pulled out the chord, the remote, and the owners manuel. I was a little upset at this point because they tore open the packaging to the owners manual and I'm a bit anal when it comes to keeping things in their original packaging. But what's done is done. I plug the TV in. It turns on. I'm thrilled and happy as can be. I sign off on the paperwork and give the guys a tip.

As I was going through the manual and getting myself familiar with the plugs and connections, I (from behind) look over the TV and saw what appeared to be a "blond hair" on the screen. I ran to the front and said "Oh No!" It's a scratch about 4 inches long! I tried to rub it with a tissue but it wouldn't come out. I didn't know what to do. I'd already signed off on the paperwork. I looked at the screen again and tried to figure out how I could have missed it. I tried to look at the center of the TV but I could still see the scratch out of the corner of my eye. There's no way I could have missed it even in my excited state. It's just too obvious! I thought maybe I scratched it with the chord because I had to bring it over the top of the TV from behind to plug it in. But no, I never let go of the end of the chord. I was wearing shorts and a T shirt so I didn't have anything hard on me to scratch it. It must have been the delivery guys! One of them did rummaged through the front of the box looking for the chord and remote. One of them must have scratched it!

I didn't know what to do so I called Chris at Cleveland Plasma. He said don't worry, we have options. He assured me that I was not going to get stuck with a scratched TV. However, since I signed off on the paperwork, it was going to take some time to work this out. In the mean time, he said to just watch the TV until the replacement comes. I couldn't watch it with the scratch on it so I repackaged everything and left it sitting on my living room floor.

Well long story. The shippers did come and pick up the scratched TV and I had the replacement delivered last Wednesday. I checked the screen thoroughly before, during and after I signed the paperwork. The TV is now up on my wall.

Cleveland Plasma and Chris is the greatest! Their customer service is second to none! I would recommend them in a heartbeat to anyone looking to buy a new TV or electronic equipment. It was a difficult situation and they could have easily said "sorry, you signed the paperwork, it's not our problem". But they didn't because they truly care about their customers. I can't praise them enough.

Thanks for reading.
A very satisfied customer.
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Now that's customer service!!!!!

I wonder what happens to the original plasma?
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CP is the best. I am a happy customer.
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