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Recommendation for TWO subwoofers under $1000 (total)

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I've tried finding something similar to this, but no luck, so if you have thread referrals, I'll take those, too.

I'm beefing up my HT system (45% movies/45 music/10 gaming). Recently got a Samsung UN46B7000 LCD/LED TV and Onkyo 707 receiver (100W/ch), so now I need some new speakers to bring me into the 2000's.

Currently, I have a 5.1 system with small bookshelf speakers. I'm trying to keep that arrangement, except raise the existing fronts to make 7.1 high, replace the other 5.1 spots, and add a second subwoofer to remove the bass localization and maybe give a little more SPL. Currently, I can easily locate the sub.

Here's what I'm trying to make work:
- sub placement *must* be left and right of front wall
- 10" subs preferred for form factor, although I could go with one 12" and one 10" (12" on left, 10" on right), but my wife won't like the asymmetry, so it would need to be a *really* compelling case (or maybe 2 small 12"s??)
- I'm strongly leaning towards Boston Acoustics VS series front speakers, so I have the option of smaller (70Hz+) or larger (45Hz+) fronts, but larger fronts means less $$ for subs
- we like movies loud-ish; music goes from hip-hop to trance to rock to Beatles, also usually above-normal loud
- the room is open, so depending on how you do the measurements, it's either 400 sq ft for LR, 500 sq ft with attached dining room (in rear), or 650 sq ft with included kitchen (in rear with cutouts)
- the height is problematic--it starts at 8ft on left and slopes to 17ft on left
- total volume is 5000, 6300, or 8100 cubic feet, accordingly (I'd use 7000, if I had to pick one)
- budget, prefer to stay below $1000 total for both subs (including S&H)--this doesn't mean I *must* spend $1000!
- this is the main living room, so it's got other complications (carpet floor, openings for hallway and foyer, fireplace on left, 3 doors of glass on left, etc.)

Other questions:
- should I stick with the same series/model for both? I assume yes
- I have a budget 10" sub (CSW Basscube 10), so should I buy one and balance with this one, and then buy the 2nd later, once I "know" this sub arrangement works?

Here's what I think might work: 2 x Yamaha YST-SW315. Am I far off?


EDIT: Okay, just read that *not* going with 2 identical subs is a Very Bad Idea, especially since I am not using a professional installer or have the whiz-bang toys. So, ignore the Other questions. Thanks.
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I don't have time at this moment to post much detail, but the offerings from Elemental Designs and Epik immediately come to mind for that budget, or just slightly above it.
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Yes you'll want to keep both subs the same if you go with a dual setup. When calculating room volume you need to take into account the total open space that can't be closed off as the sub doesn't know boundaries that aren't there.

2 HSU VTF-1 Subs would be a much better choice than the Yammy as would dual Elemental Designs A3 - 300 Subs.
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Like sb1 suggested I would seriously look at Epik's sale on the Vanquish. It's a little over your budget but if you can wing it I think that what be a great set up.

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Thanks for the recommendations thus far. They definitely help.

I've been looking at the Hsu VTF-1 and STF-2, and the benefits of one vs. the other seem to be pretty mixed on the web.
I doubt I will change settings on both subs based on my listening at the time, so I expect even if I had the choice, I wouldn't use it (aside from initial setup).
Is the price differential ($50+ each) worth the extra customizability?
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