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I just tried this on my LAN. From XP box into Win 7 box. Teamviewer version 7. XBMC windowed. And the client showed XBMC fine - even rendered video.

Have you considered a usb uirt receiver? I used to use one, and eventghost software to emulate keystrokes, mouse clicks etc... when a particular IR code is received.

Windowed XBMC works with VNC viewer too. It is full screen that does not show the UI.

I do have a uirt receiver but unfortunately that does not address all the scenarios. When you have to do anything more than a few character typing, for example, it is always better to VNC into the box. I also like to start the browser and go to plural-sight training website at times.

I have an hp uirt receiver+remote but I never use the remote using Harmony instead. And I have my Harmony programmed to be the keyboard so I can do clever shortcuts for launching apps like Win+1, Win+2, Alt-F4, etc. Quite a usable setup, actually.
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Can't let a good thread die...I've recently been playing around with Plex Media Server as my back-end metadata manager and XBMC with the PleXBMC plug-in on my capable client machines. Over the last couple of days I found out about OpenELEC (not new - just new to me) and I decided to try it out on one of my Revo's. So far so good. I'm not sure if it actually performs any better than XBMC under Windows 7, but it would seem like it ought to simply for the fact that it's running on such a lightweight OS, vs with Windows 7, who knows what kind of background processes could still be running and slowing things down. I have it installed to an SD card, since I had a Class 6 4GB card lying around, and the easy install instructions seemed geared around that, but might even install it to a partition on the Revo's hard drive later.
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