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iPhone/Work headphones

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Hey all,

I am looking for a sub $100, in-ear, headset that has a mic w/ iPhone controls. I will be using them, obviously, with my iPhone as well as with a computer. I am on that computer for ~ 8 hours a day (while at work.) Ideally, they will be noise canceling as there are other people in my office that I try so hard to tune out.

Also... When using with my iPhone, many times, I will be on my bike, so i would like a pair that are comfortable to have in while on the move (when I bike, it is for at least 30 miles)

What would you recommend?

Thank you,
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These if you under 100.00 http://store.apple.com/us/product/MA...co=MTA4NDA3NTk
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Saw a nice set of shure se110's at tiger for $50 They would be great for work. They also had some nice klipsch ones for $50.
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Would have mentioned other brands but when you add the mic/controls and sound quality
upgrade 100.00 will not get you in the door.
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I'd like to sugget a pair for you, but in my opinion you should be getting 2 seperate pairs for your purposes. The headphones are going to last you about 2-seconds if you use them for biking and at work. Biking lends itself to getting your headphones caught on many things, degredation by sweating and you should'nt be wearing noise cancelling while biking...it's a serious safety hazard.

For biking, if you must have an earbud/in-ear style go for something cheap (because they will break, I don't care how careful you are) and lets sound in.

For the office, most in ears are good passive noise cancellers if you get a good seal. Active noise cancelling headphones are exspensive and if you want a sound quality upgrade for under $100 you are going to have to go the passive noise cancelling route (aka noise reduction).
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Originally Posted by oztech View Post

These if you under 100.00 http://store.apple.com/us/product/MA...co=MTA4NDA3NTk

I have a pair of those. They are among the worst headphones I've ever owned, and I've owned more headphones than any reasonable person should...
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biking or driving with both ears covered/plugged is both illegal and very dangerous.

that being said, i have a pair of on-the-ear samsung stereo bluetooth headphones that work very well with my iphone 3gs.
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