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Denon AVR-790 HDMI not passing audio to TV

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I just bought a Denon AVR-790 receiver because it allows all your inputs to be sent via a single HDMI cable to your TV (video and audio).

My prior setup was a HDMI cable from the cable box to TV. So now I ran an HDMI from the cable box to the receiver and then an HDMI cable from the Denon receiver to my Samsung TV. I get picture but no audio from the TV speakers. I consulted the Denon manual and it says to make sure the HDMI Audio Out is set from "AMP" to "TV", which I already did.

Oddly, if I turn on or off the Denon receiver, there's a slight interuption in picture and I get sound briefly (1-1.5 sec) but the picture refreshed quickly again and I just get picture only again. I tried the DVD player and same thing. If I hook the cable box or DVD straight to the TV, sound is fine, so I'm sure it is the receiver.

I also called Denon Tech Support and they said it must be my TV. I applied the 2 latest firmware for my Samsung TV (LN46A550P3FXZA) but no change.

I initially did not connect the speakers for this test but when audio was not passing to the TV, I connect a speaker to the "right" receiver output and noticed the following - I get audio from the connected right speaker regardless if I set the Denon receiver's HDMI out to "AMP" or"Audio".

Do you think there's a handshake issue or a defective receiver or did I miss something?
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Congrats on your new purchase and welcome to AVS Forum. You can learn much more about your new AVR 790 at the dedicated 1910/790 thread.

When setting HDMI Audio OUT to TV, make sure HDMI Control is OFF, although it's OFF by default if you haven't changed it.
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You need HDMI Control set to ON or nothing will pass through on standby. I have the same problem, but my XBox 360 and HTPC will pass through fine. It is only my Dish 722 that will not. The thing that drives me crazy is that it was passing through for a couple months then after a power outage, I could never get it to work again. I can get it working if I switch the inputs after the Xbox or htpc starts passing through and use those lines, or if unplug the Dish 722, turn on the TV and then plug back in the Dish, but as soon as a shut the TV, I get the same one second of audio. When it was working it would do one second audio, stop one second and then continue and it would be fine the rest of the day. Mine passes through also no matter TV or AMP selection under HDMI Audio out. After trying Denon email and phone support, I gave up and I just ran a separate HDMI cable from the Dish directly to the Panasonic plasma.
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Thanks for the info on the dedicated Denon AVR-790 thread. I posted the message there so I'll see. I dohave HDMI control "ON" so the TV will get a cable signal with the receiver on standby.

Since the original thread, I took the Denon to my dad's house and tried the same test using his Sony LCDTV. Same no audio problem to the TV.

I'm getting the feeling this model is a dud. All I wanted was a single cable solution for watching TV with the built in speakers and the receiver 7.1 speakers for movies and gaming.
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Sycore - your issue is different from the OP's as you are discussing an issue when the AVR is in "standby" while the OP has no speakers and wants to use the TV speakers while the AVR is actually ON. In this instance, the HDMI Control must be OFF.
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At first I could not figure out why my receiver would not pass sound to my TV's speakers, even though I had the "audio to TV" enabled on my Onkyo.

To make this work I had to change the sound output on my cable box from "surround sound" to "stereo".

This makes sense if you think about it as the TV can not process anything but stereo sound signal.

I leave the receiver in "audio to TV" enabled all the time and just change the cable box depending if I want to use TV speakers or AV system sound setup.

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As long as that works for you great ... however, most modern HDTVs can pull the 2.0 stereo signal out of a DD 5.1 audio stream without difficulty and thereby not requiring any change to the cable/satellite box at all. Keep in mind many HD channels are broadcast in DD 5.1 and HDTVs play audio on those channels just fine.
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Hey guys. Just found this site/forum and thread. I have the exact same problem. I'm running Bell HD PVR straight to my Panasonic Viera using HDMI. I get great video and audio. I'm now trying to run the signal through a Denon AVR 790. HDMI from Bell to the 790. HDMI out from the 790 to the TV. The first channel is fine, but when I switch the channel the audio cuts out and the video flickers. I have the audio output set to tv. I have no speakers set up with the Denon as of yet.
I'd like to run a dvd player to the Denon as well using component and digital audio, but would like to get this done first.

Has anyone found a solution to this yet?

Thanks in advance.
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A number of TV boxes work poorly with a receiver. The problem appears to be the problem with the TV box. They fail to keep a connection, and will have problems when you change channels.

Sometimes a firmware update helps. You would THINK by now all these boxes would have been thoroughly tested with a receiver sitting between them and the TV. But anecdotal evidence suggests otherwise.
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Thanks Michael.

There is an option in the Bell HD Menu for Dolby Digital settings. I can choose PCM only output, Dolby Digital only or PCM/Dolby Digital, plus a RF mode or Line mode. I've tried playing with these with no luck either. Any thoughts on what the audio output should be from the Bell HD Reciever?

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