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Scenario: $700 budget, 5.0/5.1 setup, apartment building, 15x10 room, HT only

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Sorry for another "what speakers should I get thread".

- I live in apartments so a sub is not wanted, especially if I can get a nice pair of front towers that go low enough. I don't need/want room-shaking bass; is this erroneous thinking on my part?
- the room is only 10ft deep, so I don't need a loud setup, just a good sounding one.
- my ENTIRE budget is $700, though I'm really wanting to only spend about $500... Need receiver as well.
- I assume I need 5.0/5.1 for true surround, but would I be better off with a 3.x or 4x system instead, and not bother with L/R or center? Or would a less expensive 5.0 system be fine for my HT usage?

These are some combinations I am playing with.

Pioneer VSX-21 / Fluance AVHTB+
Onkyo 607 / The Speaker Company P46RC1-HT8-P143C36
Pioneer VSX-819HK / EMP E5Ti

I was also looking into the Infinity Primus Theatre Pack, but each satellite only goes as low as 100hz. That's pretty poor, is it not? I've also seen the Energy Classic Take 5 get high praises around here, but the same goes for them. Wouldn't those as stand-alone 5.0 systems be overly trebly?
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yes, any speaker set with 3" or 4" mid/woofer speakers is going to tend to the "trebly"...it takes some cone area on a woofer to reproduce the lower frequencies.

when planning your budget, consider 1/3rd for the receiver and 2/3rds for the speakers - it does you absolutely no good to have a fabulous receiver and hook it up to tin cans with an old string.

One way to save a few bucks is to consider a factory refurbished receiver sold by an authorized internet reseller. Onkyo and Marantz receivers are available from www.accessories4less.com and the Onkyo SR607 is usually under $360 as a factory warranted refurb. That leaves $340 for your speakers....except we did not meet the budget guidelines. So how about the Onkyo SR507 refurb http://www.accessories4less.com/make...eceiver/1.html and then $450 to work with for speakers - now we are getting closer.

if small footprint speakers are the choice, this Mordaunt-Short set will do nicely http://www.accessories4less.com/make...-Cable-/1.html

larger speakers like these Jamo E660 towers http://www.wwstereo.com/website/ecom...4978&menuID=33

or a nice 3.0 setup from EMP http://store.audioholics.com/product...red-burl-pair- and a center http://store.audioholics.com/product...red-burl-each- of course this is over budget - but a very nice setup

or another 3.0 setup of Polk Monitor series, a pair of M60 towers http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16882290018 and a center http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16882290018 if you can "squeeze" the budget, move up to a pair of Monitor 70's and a CS2 center

good luck, and don't be afraid of using a small powered subwoofer in an apartment - just turn it down and let it fill in the "holes" in the sound left by speakers that cross-over a little too high to give you any real bass.
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Thanks for the response! That's been more helpful than a lot of the digging I've been doing through threads here.

My concern with an inexpensive receiver is sound quality, and video conversion quality (or lack thereof). My devices will be ps3, xbox 360, and an HD directv box though, so I guess all of my devices are HDMI anyways and I don't need conversion... I also wasn't sure how much of a difference I'd notice with the latest and greatest audio formats (IIz, etc).

Also, like most here, I don't doubt I will end up going over-budget

Those Jamo towers look nice! I hadn't come across those. The Mordaunt-Short speakers I was never able to find any information on, so I kind of X'd those off. I've been watching polk-direct for some good prices; currently watching some monitor 70/tsi 500 auctions. The EMP's were actually my original plan, but I've gotten pretty set on having a full 5.0/5.1 system, and that would blow my budget way out of the water.

Will a nice 3.0/3.1 setup get anywhere close to a decent 5.0/5.1 setup as far as surround sound goes? It's also good to know a sub won't be obnoxious in my small space.
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Without a sub I got Klipsch quintet III's and a refurb Onkyo 607 wires and banana plugs all for under $700. I already had a sub so I saved a goo $200-300 bucks.
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the trick is to get as good a 3.0 speaker set as you can. You will probably change receivers before you change out a nice set of speakers. The EMP Impression 3.0 setup, Polk M70 setup, and the SV Sound SCS-01(m) "front three" http://www.svsound.com/products-spks-scs01.cfm are great places to start. Let the wallet cool off a bit and the budget rebuild and get a nice "smaller" sub, then later add the surrounds. You will notice such a tremendous improvement with just the front 3 over any internal TV speakers, the rest will just be ear-candy.

with your sources, you don't need to worry about up-conversion....just the ability to handle audio over HDMI and to decode HD audio codecs. The Onkyo 507 (and up) and the Denon 590 or 790 can do that for reasonable prices. With a $700+++ budget don't chase all the "newest" bells and whistles, you just want solid DD5.1 and with good speakers the HD audio codecs will be worth using. IIz is questionable, but Dolby dynamic volume would be nice to have so you are not "riding" the volume control all the time with network HD programing and annoying loud commercials.
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I ended up buying the Pioneer Elite VSX-21TXH and Jamo S606 5.0 set.

Thanks for all of your suggestions and direction pointing, I'm sure I'll be quite happy with my first ever surround sound.
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Excellent ! Enjoy !

hint, hint.........wires and interconnect cables from www.monoprice.com
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Originally Posted by m_vanmeter View Post

Excellent ! Enjoy !

hint, hint.........wires and interconnect cables from www.monoprice.com

I actually already have 200ft of 14gauage and two dozen banana plugs from there... Thanks slickdeals!
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Enjoy !
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