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Hey Guys:

I had Cablevision (great service, no problems!) but now had to go with Comcast due to moving. I've been through 2 cable modems and 2 cable boxes in less than 2 weeks...(might have to get another replacement cable box if I can't figure this out).

The cable box basically freezes after 5-8 hours whether on or off... If you try to turn it on/off from the front panel when it's frozen, youll hear a bunch of clicks(the time on the front panel will also remain frozen when it freezes)... And now when it's off the record1 light shows up?!?
*I have tried to change options like RF bypass, unswitched power, turning off native mode..all with no luck.
*I don't think it's overheating as it's standing by itself on a hardwood floor and the temp is around 65-70.
*The HDMI is directly connected to the tv.
*I am testing to see whether it's something to do with a HDMI connection by switching my hdmi wire for component cables. I searched these forums and havent really found information pertaining to this situation regarding the DCX 3400 only to the older models...

Anyone else experiencing this issue? Any suggestions?