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Some old units

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Well, I finally had enough RCA units fail that they have all replaced by the DirecTV DVR. I am not happy, but I simply can't justify fixing a bunch of old receivers and paying $10 a month to keep them running. I don't want to store a bunch of electronics when I know someone out there can use these. I would prefer to get rid of the whole lot to a single person, ideally in the NW Chicago suburbs, but I would be willing to meet or ship. I may be interested in items (a Sony alpha body would be awesome) in trade or cash. If anyone is interested in picking up some spare UTVs to repair, use for parts, etc, please PM me. I would expect the fully working unit to fetch about $50 and the others about $20 each. Shipping will be steep for all of them, but we can come up with something.

Receiver status:
2x Working perfectly (one version 3.8, one 3.7) - $50 each or both for $80 plus shipping
2x Single tuner failure - $20 each or both for $30 plus shipping

I had upgraded all but one unit to larger drives and have now been reverted to the original 40GB drives. Only one of them had any significant use, the rest spent their time on a shelf waiting and should still have some life left in them.

3 of the drives were imaged to 3.8 (that FAQ is the BEST!) and are working perfectly (except the tuner situation).

These all come with their original boxes (some white box some color) and the remotes (1 is a generic DTV remote). I believe I could assemble at least 3 original packages (remote, cables, manuals, etc). I also have 3 keyboards but I don't know if they work.

Heatware is under compcons


EDIT: found out the one I though had a bad PSU is actually a working unit. I guess that dead unit went the UTV graveyard.
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I am toying with the idea of swapping a PSU from a unit with a tuner failure into the one with the PSU failure to see if it works and how many tuners are still alive.

Also, I can put the upgraded drives back into the units if that intices someone to take these. Or perhaps try your hand at a repair? I think there is thread on where the tuners can be ordered from. My soldering skills are sub-par, so all I would do is end up with a completely broken DVR.

I imagine this was covered at some point, but the one with two working tuners has the covers removed from the tuners. I imagine those little things just make the tuners into tiny little ovens. I am guessing letting the heat out at the expense of un-wanted RF is worth it.

I would hate to recycle these when I am sure someone could use one as a spare or a single tuner replacement for a standard receiver.

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I know when I read this thread I was curious if you were going to consider swapping the Power Supply part of the UTV with a "known" good one.

I would only suggest you allow for several hours (is it was much as 24-48 hours?) to allow the Capacitors in the Power Supply to completely discharge... To avoid an electrical shock hazard. Otherwise I suppose taking precautions to insulate yourself and/or the PSU from discharge would work too.

As far as "oven" vs "non-oven" tins over the tuner chips... I'm not sure if there is support for/against your suggestion. If you happen to have an "oven" it might be interesting to see what would happen if you could add a Heat Sink (similar to the ones already used on the RCA UTV or a traditional or "advanced" model that could actively cool by more then air flow) to the tin might actual bring a flaky tuner back to life. (If it hasn't completely fried...)
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The PSU failed UTV has been in my garage for well over a year now, so I feel pretty safe with the capacitors being discharged.

I do have some heatsinks. Perhaps I can do some tweaking to find a unit that can be saved.

Now I just need some more motivation and time to open it up again...

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A PSU "swap" shouldn't take much time... So give yourself some work space and a Philips Screwdriver and I'd suspect you could have a switch over in very little time.

As you suggest probably start on the "dead" unit so if you need parts or you damage the PSU you aren't out of luck and you can leave things sit for a while if the "motivation" leaves you... But I suspect once you sit down it should go rather smoothly and you'll "want" to finish the swap over in one sitting...

With all that said the "dead" PSU is actually dead from some internal failure and not a fuse or bad cord/connection right? I have noticed loose/blown fuses mentioned on the forum in the past and I've seen the ground wire disconnected from the frame... (not that that would cause a "dead" unit but if that is loose it might suggest other bad contacts...)

Good Luck,

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I have one UTV that I'm not using. Both tuners worked when taken out of service, upgraded HD and the best PQ of any that I had owned.

Tried craigslist, no interest.


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Seeing as there is not much interest in these anymore, I am entertaining offers. I would like to see at least the working unit go to a new home, so please make an offer. Assume shipping will be about $10-15. I guess the others will simply find their way to an electronics recycler.

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I have two working units and two with only one tuner. Take both the working units for $80 plus shipping. Take all 4 for $100 plus shipping. Save them!!!

NE IL and SE WI people might get free delivery if you are int eh right spot...

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Taking Offers. These are officially taking up sapce...

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I am interested. I sent a PM a while ago. Next time you check back send me an email to lovthejets@aol.com.

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Originally Posted by Burnafterreading View Post

I am interested. I sent a PM a while ago. Next time you check back send me an email to lovthejets@aol.com.


Still have mine. 100gb HD, good tuners. Crystal clear PQ.

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I have one of these sitting around that I have not used in a few years (have not had DTV in about 4 years now), last time I powered it up (last year), it booted up fine (just no service or card).

Make me an offer if you need it, PM me or e-mail me to my user name @ hotmail
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