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Yamaha RX-V765 downscaling capable?

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Hi all,

So I just received a new Yamaha RX-V765 and I've hooked up Samsung BD-P2550 blu ray player to it via HDMI. The receiver itself is hooked up to a front projector via an HDMI-DVI cable. The problem is that the max resolution the projector can handle is 1080i. Even after setting the HDMI output to 1080i on the receiver, when I play a movie on the Samsung its indicator shows 1080p output and the receiver's "Signal Info" says it's still outputting 1080p as well. Consequently, I don't get a picture... I thought I would be able to adjust the HDMI output to 1080i regardless of the HDMI input resolution. Can anyone shed any light on this?

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Hmmm. First off I did not think the 765 could process HDMI video. I suspect, without looking at the manual, that you are changing it's analog conversion option.

Even so, it sounds like the Blu-ray player is getting improper EDID info from the projector for some reason, or it would send 1080i

I would look at the player's options, to see if you can force 1080i output.
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Thanks for the reply. Not sure yet what EDID is, but it appears to be trying to get that from the receiver, not the projector. After setting the output resolution to 1080i in the bluray player, the moment I plug it into HDMI1, the indicator immediately switches from 108oi to 1080p. So, to me it appears that the player negotiates the highest resolution possible DESPITE what I manually set what the output resolution should be. Frustrating... Do you know of a comparable receiver that would do what I'm looking for? I'll have to return this Yamaha if I can't figure this out...


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Your problem is in the player, not the AVR. A player should send whatever you tell it to send. The v765 cannot apply scaling to anything other than analog 480 inputs, and should be set to "through" for resolution over HDMI.

Another possible issue is your older display. Consult the v765 manual, you'll also want to use the advanced setting to disable "monitor check".

For the sake of troubleshooting, remove the v765 from the video chain and connect the player direct to the display till you find the right settings in the player to send 1080i.
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That was a great suggestion. In fact, I was already in the process of doing just that. I hooked up the player directly to the projector and went to the settings. There you can tell it precisely what aspect ratio and resolution to use. So, I set it for 16:9 and 1080i. No problems, and I get a beautiful picture. The indicator on the front even says "HDMI 1080i". Then, unplugged it from the projector and into the first HDMI input of the Yamaha, and the indicator goes to "HDMI 1080p"; . So, I agree that the problem appears to be the player, but there must be a receiver that will allow me to overcome this and process the incoming HDMI signal. The last thing I'm going to do is try a firmware upgrade on the player to see if this changes anything, but it seems like a longshot.
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Did you try turning off Monitor check?
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Sure did. Went into the Advanced setup, and switched the monitor check configuration from "Yes" to "Skip". Didn't seem to make any difference. When the player is unplugged from the projector and plugged into the AVR, the indicator goes from 1080i to 1080p. Now upgrading the firmware on the Samsung p2550 to see if that makes any difference...
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JUst annotating this thread that I never really got a solution to this problem, although it definitely appears to be EDID related. To that end, I intend to try one of the EDID adjustment devices that are on the market, like Gefen's HDMI Detective for instance:

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The Gefen solved some of my problems with the Tivo Series 3.
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I think I would just replace the player with one that can actually force explicit resolution.
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