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Elliptical Dish pointing  

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Thanks to Robert for the RCA.com suggestion. I manged to get a 75% SAT A and 65% SAT C signal after getting strong signals on either SAT A or SAT B & C but not all using the receiver's dish pointing menu. I lose the signal in a light rain, so I need to fine tune.

I still do not a HD signal; questions are: do I need a signal on all 3 SATs? and how do I fine tune? do I fine tune the tilt?. I know the azimuth is maxed for the elevation. The tilt is the only thing I have trouble understanding which way to go and why.

I have the Zenith DTV 1080 set top box for Directv.

Thanks in advance for replies!

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You are just looking for A and B. and the combination thereof. Yes,tilt matters.Geo
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If I understand your post correctly, you are setting-up an elliptical dish. I just installed mine. Level the mount and mast and begin:
1. Get the azimuth done. Just get a signal, then fine tune.
2. Fine tune the elevation. Go BOTH up and down to get the best signal.
3. Do the tilt last. As you are looking at the dish. The left side tilts DOWN ( I am in the East). Set the dish to the tilt as indicated on your receiver.
None of the numbers for azimuth etc are written in stone! Move the settings +/- 4 degrees to get the best signals.
I set up a TV and the receiver OUTSIDE and this made it simple!
I hope that this helps.
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Important oval dish aiming facts:

1: set the correct tilt angle as close as possible to perfect on the ground and lock it in, do not attempt to adjust tilt further. (tenths of degrees count)

2: the mast must be as humanly close to absolute plumb and level as is possible.
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Thanks very much RichTM

That is exactly what I wanted, the sequence of the fine tuning.
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Hey DTC... I set the tilt on the ground, and I tweaked it after it was up on the mast. I got a few points higher on my signal strength. Why do you say not to adjust it? Thanks.
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If you have your mast plumb, then adjusting the tilt can only decrease the signal strength.

The tilt is because the 2 satellites will appear to be at different elevations from most locations, and the DirecTV aiming program has already calculated the correct tilt for your area. It is possible to correct for a tilted mast by adjusting the tilt of the dish, but it's easier to just make sure the mast is plumb.
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