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I currently have a infocus X1 that was reflashed with some other firmware o give it some better color. I have it shooting on the infocus 101" screen. Also have an onkyo reciever with 4 polk bookshelves psb center and a custom woofer.

tonight I'm trading it all for some really highend bass guitar equipment (david eden vt300 head and 4x10 David Eden Cab w/washburn 5 string, rack tuner, powers station, samson ap1 wireless bass kit, and a ton of other stuff)

I plan to sell the bass equipment over the next couple weeks to get some cash to fund a new setup. My wife and I are doing a remodel on the first floor, knocking out a wall to create a much larger living room.. will be like 17x30 which will allow for bigger family gatherings and such. I've decided because of the light that will be in the room from windows that I am going to go with an LCD this time and try to pick up a Bose Cube system to keep the esthetics of the room on the up and up rather than having big bookshelve speakers hanging on the walls

So I know its going to be sad going from a 101" to a 40-46" screen but 99% of the time we watch TV in the bedroom on a 20" LCd lol so i think i'll make due

i'll probably have about 800-1000 to spend on a unit new or used.

here are a couple in my area
Sony Bravia 40" KDL40V5100 120Hz 1080p $775

SAMSUNG 46" LCD TV / LN46B610 $1150

also noticed there are a few at best buy that review okay in my price range.

new would be ideal to get a warranty.

I've been reading tons of reviews and would love some first hand experience advice from people here