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Question about cooling fans

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So I have a credenza type cabinet/stand that my plasma sits on. It hold the AV components such as my DTV, receiver, center speaker as well as my Xbox 360 and PS3.

Currently I have the PS3 on top of the center speaker since that area is open air and the PS3 runs loud when hot. The Xbox 360 does too, but I don't use that as much since I watch movies on the PS3 a lot.

My question is, I've seen a lot of those cooling fans like the ones used in PCs but I'm trying to find the best solution.

My receiver doesn't have an AC plug on it, otherwise that would be a quick, easy solution.

I've seen a lot that have the standard AC plug that I could plug in myself when needed, but I was hoping there was some kind of fan that even just had a switch on it. That way I could leave it plugged in, and just flip the switch when I want instead of having to reach back and plug it in and unplug it. I figure a switch would be a little easier.

Any suggestions?
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Do you know a friend that can solder? Have them wire a swtich in. You can get a simple switch from Radio Shack.

I would suggest though that you get a 12V transformer (wall wart type) and wire it and 12V DC fans to the switch, instead of wiring a switch into a 120v AC fan. It will be much safer.

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Better yet would be to get a cabinet fan that has a built in thermostat so it only switches on when the need arises. Just google cabinet fans.

If you need to move a lot of air you can get a silent bathroom exhaust fan and hook it up to a attic fan line voltage thermostat.

If you want to save some bucks just buy a switch and some wire and put a switch in a convenient place.
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I don't need any hardcore fan, any normal sized type should help. I'll look for one with some kind of thermostat, that would be nice. Then I can just leave it plugged in and forget about it as long as it turns on at a certain temp or higher.

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Looking at this now...says it's got a built in thermal controller. Basically a couple wires that sense the temp. Turns on at 86 and turns off at 81.

I've seen the $60 thermostat thing that you can plug into, but this setup is a lot cheaper and the reviews seem to favor it.

I like something simple and easy. Might pull the trigger and get a couple of these.
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I've got the coolerguys.com thermostat. Works well. Piced up a couple of fans from them as well. They've got a pretty good selection
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