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Anyone have used the airdesks projector stand before? is it worth the money?


Currently, I put the pj on a Targus 62" tripod (picked up from Target), even though it works, but I would like a more "cleaner" setup without setting a fixed mount on the ceiling.

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Kenshin2b >>> That's an interesting concept, as far as floor mounts for front projectors are concerned.
I didn't noticed whether or not it uses a standart tripod mount where you would "screw" the bottom of the HS-201 to it, or is is just secured by the straps on top of the plexiglass ? I would definitely want a tripod mount for stability...
Also, what is its maximum load capacity, meaning how heavy a pj can it sustain ? With a 14 lb. metal base, should you expect it to safely hold a 7 lb. projector, or so ?
Finally, i like the idea of the clear plexiglass shelf, but don't you think its size is an overkill, considering that the HS-201 measures only 7" wide by 5" deep ? Or are you thinking of future use, when you might buy a bigger, heavier pj ?
Wouldn't you be afraid of someone bumping into it and knocking it over the floor ?
Just some thoughts,
Regards >>> Marcos
P.S. >>> Here is the ceiling mount that i am considering for my HS-201
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I visited the camera store today and found a nice little swivel combining the parts from the swivel and the cheap amazon mount gave me a much more stable mount. With this mount the projector is so much easier to aim. Being a newb I found out quickly that with this projector you have to mount the lens directly in the center of the screen to get a good picture. In the photo #290 you can see the two holes I made while adjusting the old mount and the new mount...

I spent 24 on the swivel and 14 on the amazon mount including shipping so I am at the magical $40 for mounting (including screws). I included some shots of my screen and the mount.

In picture 292 and 293 you can get a good idea of how things really look.

Sports look amazing since the images are so bright. I enjoyed Terminator 2 last night and even though it is a slightly dark movie once I got into it I found I stopped seeing pixels and flaws with my setup and was enjoying the movie. That was a watch now - Netflix - and it still looked fine. Content is what it is...

I purchaed a 4x2 switch from monoprice to switch HDMI and only have HDMI to the projector. The audio is coming from fiber to my old Dennon avr-2700. It has one optical so I have a manual optical switch for changing between cable and PS3. The computer audio is on the 6 channel analog input. This is 100" image on the cheap. Although this setup leaves a bit to be desired it is a great stop gap while waiting for the perfect 1080p led 3D projector... Remember pong

I am really happy with the setup, I have not seen any rainbows (not looking for them), I do have good vision and can see pixels (no glasses) on this laptop (1024x768). I have seen them with DLP so YMMV. I think the extra 300k pixels from the next version will help tremendously (will buy that one too) with the screen door/visible pixel problem but I am running the projector beyond the recommended setup and I feel if you setup an 80" screen (like your supposed to) and watch at 10' away you will be happy while waiting for the next $600 setup. But you will have to decide how to deal with 4:3 and 16:9 since as I mentioned before you will have to set it up to do one or the other. The issue is with the 80" setup from 10' away, the LG will need to be above or below and in front of you. So the cables will be going up the wall and across the ceiling or across the floor. People who have already had projectors know it takes quite a bit of working within the constraints so you get used to it quick and find it is not that big of a deal.

Kudos to LG & Phlatlight for being the leader and attempting to stop the mercury requirement. Thankfully this thing lasts forever so selling this and upgrading is not an issue...

Time to play some emulated Zelda OOT on the supercomputer . The irony of having a $2k computer and playing something that required a game cube escapes me

To wrap this post up I wanted to say thank you to AVS for the forum. I have learned so much from here and also thank you to the members who have posted here you have been great!
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NOLAGPLZ >>> From the third picture posted it looks like you've mounted your HS-201 no lower than 8 inches or so from the ceiling; Is the top of your screen also located at the same distance from the ceiling ?
The reason i'm asking is because LG is quite specific stating that the projector's lens must be centered and in a straight line facing either the bottom or the top of the screen.
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yes they are aligned. Maybe the projector is 1/2 inch above top of white part of screen. Still a tiny bit of trapezoid but I don't want to run the screen lower. So even though they are quite specific my projector needs to be about half a foot above to have a perfect rectangle.
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Well in 16:9 mode the top of the image is bellow the center of the lens, because there are a few inches of unused pixels from the 4:3 frame, which is what aligns with the lens.
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Ah yeah that makes sense... I am already thinking I want to get the hx300g.
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Yeah, I will do the same--in keeping tradition with immediately replacing my HS102G.
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Sports look great since they are so bright, I would imagine that this thing looks really fantastic at 80" with the extra brightness. That 300lumens will help a lot for 100" screens.
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Projection calculator for this at

Easier to reach pdf for the manual at http://www.projectorcentral.com/pdf/...anual_5313.pdf

Looks very interesting from reading you guys' posts here.
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Ok so I have had the projector since Friday and I just have to say wow.

Sure at 100" it is dark but I am completely happy. Yeah, I wish it was brighter but I have a total of 700 invested and the couch movie theater is totally rocking.

Movies usually have much darker images than tv and I mostly watch tv, enterpries yada yada... but this is competely amazing... good things are coming. I think everyone should wait until march for the hx300g but if it is much more expensive why bother?

(edit) not trying to troll... just enjoying the images and wanted to share.
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I am with you, dude. You are totally right. I enjoy my projector daily and have stopped using my 3 laptops. And to not worry about the bulb--ever? Priceless!
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Best thing I bought all year.
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I've had mine for about a week and here are some observations. The previous posts were very helpful in deciding on this projector. My main use is for classroom presentation, so if anyone's interested in that -

The good:
- Super color clarity and saturation.
- Amazingly bright for 200 lumens. It does fine in a darkened room, even with ambient light, for a classroom presentation. The Standard brightness setting isn't much dimmer than the Presentaion setting, but fan is much quieter.
- USB reader equiped, so with a flash drive no laptop necessary (!)
- Compact, simple to use..

Not so good:
- the USB reader seems to only read JPEG files and nothing else. Other files converted to JPEG work fine, but that can be a pain.
- The remote only works from behind, so standing in front of the projector or to the side, you can't use the remote (unless you walk behind the projector).
- once when using it the commands from the remote went wacky, but simply turning it off and on again fixed that.

Bottom line - very pleased.. Like many have said, I'm also gonna be really tempeted to get the HX 300 when it comes out...
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Hi guys. Can someone who owns one of these confirm an image size. I have looked at Projector Central Calculator but I need to confirm exactly what this can throw out. I have an Infocus X9 & the calc is slightly wrong for that so just want to confirm. Can someone give me exact screen image size (height x width) from a throw distance of 2.0m (lens to wall). Should be easy for someone who doesn't have it ceiling mounted. Thanks.
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Originally Posted by krinkov View Post

Hi guys. Can someone who owns one of these confirm an image size. I have looked at Projector Central Calculator but I need to confirm exactly what this can throw out. I have an Infocus X9 & the calc is slightly wrong for that so just want to confirm. Can someone give me exact screen image size (height x width) from a throw distance of 2.0m (lens to wall). Should be easy for someone who doesn't have it ceiling mounted. Thanks.

Well, according to the calculator, a throw distance of 2 meters, or 6 1/2 feet, should give you an imagine that is 53" wide, 40" high and 66" diagonal for a 4:3 screen; For a 16:9 screen it is 53" wide, 30" high and 61" diagonal.
BTW, those figures you get with the calculator are right on the mark, as i found out when using it with my HS-201...
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Note about the remote, where I have mine, near the wall ceiling mounted I have pointed the remote about anywhere in the room and get the menu with little trouble... So YMMV but the remote is bouncing twice to get the menu in my setup and I see no problem.
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The calculator does not go to 11 feet but it projects a 99" 16:9 image at that distance. I wanted to compare but can't...
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Hey I just recieved my lg hs201 from Amazon! So far, I like it very much! The only thing that concerns me is when I select the usb option to read my external hard drive. After I select what I want (pictures, music, divx etc) and the little message says loading. These little black dots on the top right of my screen appear! They looks like dead pixels!They go away after I play a movie, music etc. and return to the usb menu! They are also gone when watching videos. I was just wondering if anyone else has had the same experience! Maybe this is my hard drive doing this or maybe the projector! Other than that my projector works perfeclty!!
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Broken pixels are permenant. I have not used the USB function so it seems like this is by design to me...interesting none the less. So they are not there unless you are browsing the USB device?

Pause a white video and see if you see any defects?
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I have already several times! They don't appear on any other screen except the usb menu! Might be a software ot video glitch! My videos are perfect! The dark spots disappear! I should try a usb thumb drive to see if it still does it! I will take a pic later on! Its late!I just got done watching some divx movies off the hard drive! Very nice feature by the way!!
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I have noticed that on the logitech website, the hs200 is supported on the Harmony remote. I am tempted to buy one of those remote and try it out and see if that makes a difference.

Anyone here have tried it with the Harmony remote?
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dreman1976 >>> "Stuck" DMD chips, which are the actuall pixels you see in an image projected by a DLP "engine", would stay permanently "frozen" (or "stuck", if you prefer) onscreen with whichever input you select to be displayed, so if you are seeing "little black dots" only when using the USB input, i would say that the problem is not related to the DMD chips but, as you pointed out, due to a software glitch or something else.
I haven't tried the USB input in my unit yet and now after reading your post i plan on doing it a.s.a.p., just in case !
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...And, BTW, if anyone is curious as to the power consumption of the HS-201, which is not specified in the owner's manual (?!), the British LG website lists it as such :
Lamp power : 220 watts (?)
Power Consumption : 80 watts - less than 1 watt at standby
So, apparently, the HS-201 uses 80 watts per hour of operation, which i would describe as an excellent figure, compared to plasma displays, which can go as high as 400 watts, LCD sets, which average less than 200 watts, and front projectors with CCFL or xenon lamps, which average anywhere from 300 watts or so to 1.000 watts.
As for that "lamp power" figure of 220 watts, i wonder, would that be the maximum safe wattage input for the R/G/B LED chipsets ? Or, would it mean something else altogether ?
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I am looking for a portable screen, anyone here has any good suggestion?

Should I get a low gain (1.1) or higher gain (2.0+) like from Da-lite?

I am planning on projecting with 8" to 9" distance.

Updated. Got the Epson Duet Ultra Portable (with 1.0 gain) for now, so far, it is better than the wall. Still looking for a better soluton...
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Here is a video while gaming under ambient light.

Game = Darksiders
Console = PS3 via HDMI
Audio/Video Feed Through = Sony HT-CT500 via HDMI
Screen = 80" Epson Duet Accolade Ultra Portable
Projector = LG HS201 on Dolica AX620B100 62-Inch Proline Tripod

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Blu-Ray Screen (1080p Input via Laptop)

Another Blu-Ray Screen (1080p Input via PS3)

PS3 Screen (1080p input)

My portable 80" setup

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Hi guys.

Total Newbie here. Have never had a projector, but the HS201 looks like a good choice.

Sorry if the following questions are stupid, but I was wondering:

Does it make a difference to the quality of the image from the projector if the image comes from blu-ray (vs dvd) since the HS201 only has SVGA native resolution?

I have read that the manual says that ''This projector may not support output from laptops when the laptop screen is on." Has anyone had problems connecting their laptops. I am thinking about getting a HP one.

Thanks for the advice guys.
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I just wish they would just released the HX300 today so I can go ahead and get it. It's so tempting to just get the HS201 right away.
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queenslandclint, I have no issue. connecting my Gateway FX P-7805u directly to the projector.

I am able to connect it:
Lid closed with PJ as primary output
Lid open with Laptop LCD as primary and PJ as secondary
Lid open with PJ as primary and Laptop LCD as secondary

As far as Blu-Ray to DVD comparision, the picture from Blu-Ray is more vivid (PS3 or Laptop to PJ diectly) ; with Sony HT-CT500, somehow, the DVD picture is getting close to Blu-Ray.
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