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Samsung UN55B7100 or UN55B8000?

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Going to be replacing an older Mits 55inch rear projection set with a Samsung LCD. Going back and forth trying to decide on the Samsung UN55B7100 or UN55B8000. Price is close enough to not make my decision based on that.

Reading the "official" threads here on both, almost suggests to me, that some would prefer the 7100 over the 8000. Beyond the 240hz and higher contrast number (i know those numbers are largely bogus) of the 8000, these sets seem almost identical, however its my impression from what I've read here, there seem to be clouding, ghosting and flashlighting issues on the 8000 that do not seem to be issues on the 7100. Seems some of that was corrected in a recent firmware release, but I'm still undecided...almost in flip a coin mode, but I thought I'd ask for input here.

Something that also "bugs" me, is the Samsung LED-LCDs are prominately displayed at our local Best Buy stores. There is a wall in the stores dedicated to these TV's, but always found it odd the "feature" tv in that display is the 7100, and always looks great...well, as great as it can with their demo disk, but the 8100 is in their "Magnolia" section..basical lumped in with the rest of their tv's. Fact recently a couple stores have removed the 8000 from their Magnolia sections and put the 8500 in its place, I guess I can understand why, but there sits the 7100 in all it's marketing glory.

Anyway, sorry if this seems a redundant post, but I've not seen this comparision addressed..maybe not much to address. The "official" 7100 thread is pretty long, and seemed to migrate to more of a discussion of the 8000...and all it's "issues".

Thanks for any input.
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i will buy Samsung UN55B8000 instead of UN55B7100 for the 240hz http://www.amazon.com/Samsung-UN55B8000-55-Inch-1080p-HDTV/dp/B0028YB8MA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1257440100&sr=8-1

refresh rate is important to me
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I saw that 7100 today. Looked great.
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Read one Review @ UN55B8000
Pros: This is the clearest TV on the market so far. Hooking up components and accessing them, as well as all the features this TV offers, is a breeze. A remote control that lights up as you touch it saves frustration in dark lighting.

Cons: Nothing so far

The Samsung 8000 is expensive but that is the price you pay for the leading edge in technology
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If I had to choose tween 7100 and 8000 I'd hands down choose the 8000 series. Best PQ I've observed in the store over the past several months with 8500 a notch ahead but a rather large chunk of money for that notch for now.

I'm awaiting for larger versions in 2010 65-70" since I cannot handle going smaller unless it were for my backup viewing rooms.
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