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help with setup - audio/video separation

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I read this thread: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=1193069

What I currently have setup; all of my components are configured and running through my receiver (denon avr-789) and then running to my tv (kdl-40xbr2) via a single hdmi cable.

Prior to purchasing my receiver and speakers I had each input on my tv calibrated and was beyond pleased with the results. Since then I have everything running through a single input and while nice, it's not providing the same picture quality that I remember (could be a placebo affect or just boredom).

My goal: Have all components running through the tv as before and using my receiver for the audio needs.

Is there a means to do this and retain my DTS-HD enjoyment? Surely once can have their television calibrated per device/input and still have a full 7.1 experience, right?
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if you are using an a/v receiver as a "central switch", then the TV only sees one source as input. The only way to use multiple inputs on the TV, is to run the video straight to the TV inputs and run the audio on separate Toslink Optical or digital coaxial audio cables to the receiver. You will get regular Dolby Digital 5.1 sound, but not the newer lossless HD codecs available on blu-ray and only delivered by HDMI cable.

Many TV's have multiple adjustible video settings, like "Movie", "Normal", etc. Each of these settings usually allow viewer settings that are remembered by the TV firmware. So even one input can have several video selection settings. It's not the same as calibrating each input, it's calibrating each available "video preference setting" for a single input.
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So essentially I am SOL if I want to retain the current audio I enjoy from BD offerings. Gotcha

Glad I asked before diving into this with both feet only to find out the same thing after hours of tinkering.
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