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Win7 MC HTPC: FFDshow or default 7MC codecs?

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I am preparing to rebuild my HTPC, and install Win7 final version instead of the 7100 RC I've been using for months now. I read somewhere on this forum that the Media Foundation codecs are much improved in RTM, so that some folks are not using FFDShow as their default anymore. Can anyone chime in as to whether this is working out for them? Any problems using the default 7MC codecs instead of FFDShow?

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I use the 7MC codecs. They work good enough for me and there is no extra work setting up FFDshow.
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Same here. Plus I get automatic DXVA support without having to mess with anything. I did install Haali splitter for .mkv support and AC3 for audio though.
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SPDIF audio is supported natively by WMC7, no need for AC3.
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So 7MC+Haali Splitter+TMT3 would be sufficient?

hmm... I'm about to make the switch from RC1 to retail on my test box, so that's good to know.
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I went around the 7MC codecs only because they do not handle VC-1 properly (no DXVA for VC1 mkv and no video for VC1 ts/m2ts)
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So the MF codecs decode ac3 and DTS adequately, then? Obviously no DTS-HD etc but if that's the case I wonder why anyone uses FFDShow anymore, is there more to this story?
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SD: The default codecs are good. (DTS is pass-through only.)

HD (MKV, M2TS, TS etc.):

- H.264: MS decoder in RTM is good, but MPC Video Decoder is better.
- VC-1: MS decoder is good but does not support GPU hardware acceleration (not a big issue for a dual core processor through). MPC Video Decoder is better (but this does not support interalced VC-1). VC-1 Tweak + ArcSoft is a better alternative.
- MPEG-2: MS decoder is good. An alternative is CyberLink.
- HD audio: ffdshow Audio Decoder is the best. FLAC: madFlac.

BTW 7MC internal player uses the default MS codecs in MF pipeline for M2TS, TS (and more). So you need a tweak to use non-MS filters. Read:

- A Quick Guide to Playing M2TS in WMP12/7MC
- DirectShow Decoders Used in WMP12/7MC
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