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Radio Shack releases an HD Radio accessary for the I-Touch

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I guess due to the fact that the new Zune is HD radio capable, there is now an add on device which allows the I-Touch to be used as a portable HD radio as well. I've been told that this new device is currently in stores.
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.....for the lazy people.

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I actually think it is priced a little steep since a stand alone Insignia HD radio http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Insignia...=1218094581941 is $49.99.

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This gadget could be a cool item to hack into a PC interface, like with the Visteon Zoom HD Radio tuners.
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Apparently there are two versions of this. I stopped in at a Radio Shack today and they mentioned both 12-646 and 12-647. The 12-647 doesn't show up on their webpage yet. The photo in the store showed it to be a one piece device that plugs into the proprietary iPhone connector.
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My quick review.
I just picked it up today. Mine says 646 by the way.
I really wanted to love this thing. I'm a huge fan of HD Radio and own 3 radios before this.
I was very close to picking up the ZuneHD just to have a portable option.
First, the app is very basic.
Tuning is very touchy. Press it a certain way and it will go back to your last tuned station.
The reception, as I feared, is horrible. Driving around in my car, using the AUX input, I was barely able to pick up what I thought would be a strong HD channel.
I wasn't blown away from the audio quality but that may have been an issue of reception.
Another huge issue I had (and why I passed on the ZuneHD) was no AM support.
90% of my HD Radio listening is AM sportstalk.
Why is AM dismissed in these devices? It uses the same chip, same spectrum (I assume) and is advertised by HD Radio as a feature.
Even this device mentions how HD Radio improves AM, but as of now, FM only.
I was able to get it for ~ $45 with the coupon and have no idea how they think they can charge $90 standard for this.
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The big problem with AM broadcast band reception on any portable device is the required antenna, combined with the unavoidable RF interference generated by digital devices such as the decoders in HD Radio tuners. If anyone wanted to carry around a separate AM antenna such as the ones included with home-theater stereo receivers, and hold it or wear it a few feet away from the tuner, then companies could probably include the AM band in portable HD Radio receivers.
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