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I posted this in the Amps/receivers forum, but it was swamped by the "Official _____ owners thread". It's not really in that spirit anyway, it appears to be all about surround sound there.

I'm the serendipitous owner of:

A pair of sony ssf-7000s
A Technical Pro LZ-2000 2000 watt amp

Given that I don't have a preamp, these are basically useless to me right now. I had the idea of purchasing:

Technical Pro HB-1501 - $150 shipped
Pyle PylePro PASW18 Stage Subwoofer $140 shipped

Now, for questions:
1. Will the new amp adequately power the tower speakers? Does anyone have experience with it?
2. If I run the LZ-2000 in mono bridged mode, will it adequately power the sub?