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Help select a media player?

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Hi all!

I would really like to use some sort of networked media player, but I'm having a really hard time figuring out which player will fit my needs. I'm hoping you all could help as you have much more experience with these.

Basically, there are 4 criteria that I'd like to meet:

1) Play back SD DVD's that are ripped to Moviename\\Video_TS folders (don't use ISO's) and stored on my network server.

2) Automatically scan my server and download coverart (and maybe movie info) automatically.

3) Connect via HDMI and output 2ch audio (preferably through hdmi, but could be through RCA cables as well).

4) priced under $150

These are very basic features, but most reviews don't speak about SD DVD's outside of the capability of retaining menu structure on ISO's.

Also, almost none of the reviews talk about cover art and movie info? If I need to install some third party app on my server and run it 5 times a day to get the coverart, I'm fine with that.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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I would take a look at the Dragontech ioBox-100HD. It meets all of your requirements but one.. the price. They go for around $169.

The ioBox-100HD (like all NMTs) support playing DVD-rips stored in VIDEO_TS structure. For example, you can have "Movie Name\\VIDEO_TS".

You can create a very impressive interface for your movie collection using YAMJ or another "jukebox" utility. This page gives some nice demonstrations of YAMJ in action.

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