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First Projector set up help Please

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Hello I am new here and I just got a 8100 Epson projector yesterday my first projector and we love it. Just starting off and right now I have Ps3, Phillips 5.1 all in one DVD player. We want to use the Ps3 for watching blu-ray what do I need to buy for sound? We hooked up HDMI to ps3 beautiful picture but now we need to get sound to it. Nothing fancy is needed in fact we live in apt. I also would like to hookup 360 and also watch some TV. My husband and I are older but trying to learn all this set-up stuff very confusing. In order to view tv on projector do we have to have a tivo? After buying the projector are funds are about $400-600. I am asking here because I don't want to goto BB and be sold hi $$ we don't need. I am sorry about these dumb questions but I trust your advice sure did'nt go wrong with this projector.
Thank You in advance.
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Does your Philips unit have any input jacks? HDMI or Optical, for audio?
What's the model number? We may be able to find out if its compatible with an external player (PS3)

Check the back of your Philips player for a port that says "optical"
(see top right of this picture)

If you have one of those, a simple Toslink Digital Optical (Fiber Optic)
is all you need to run from your PS3 to your Philips for audio.

You will need to change the audio settings in the PS3 menu to Optical
and you will get core 5.1 audio tracks from Bluray movies (and PS3 games)

You wont be able to play the higher end 5.1/7.1 audio like
TrueHD,DTS-HD and Multichannel PCM though...those are restricted to HDMI connections.

If you have no Optical or HDMI input jacks,
I'm afraid you're going to have to step up from an all-in-one DVD player/speaker combo typically refered to as a HTIB (HomeTheater In a Box)...
To an AVR (Audio/Video Receiver) with new speakers (5 or 7) and a Subwoofer.

But I think you'll have to up your budget for that.

With an AVR you typically run all your players into the Reciever (XBOX,PS3,HD Cable box)
then run a single HDMI to the PJ or TV. The AVR extracts the audio and passes the video to your display
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I recommend you get an HDMI receiver (you want to make sure it transmits BOTH audio and video through the HDMI connection) By the way, there will be a sony on sale for black friday at Best Buy for less than $300 or I am sure there are or will be other brands on sale online.

With this receiver you connect all of your video sources like cable, tivo, and the PS3 (preferably with a single HDMI cable each). The receiver is then connected to the projector with one HDMI cable. Next, look for an inexpensive set of 5.1 speakers (five satellite speakers +sub woofer) like the Energy take series or the Polk RM series or the speaker company (online only). You should be able to put a decent package for less than $600.
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If you go with an AVR,
keep in mind that your HTIB Speakers and Sub wont likely be compatible,
so factor new speakers and a sub into your budget.
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To watch TV on your projector, you will need to get an ATSC tuner (not NTSC) that outputs the stream in high definition. These are not the same as the converter boxes you could get for free using your gov't coupon.

Here's a list of the current AVS Forum list of HDTV Set Top Boxes: The Official AVS HDTV STB Synopsis - Fall 2009!

They look to be $100+ for a current unit.
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Thank You all for all your help to answer PioManiac the Phillips is a HTS3565D
it has Audio in red/white Video out plug with orange circle S-video and
HMDI out Video out Red Blue Green and Coaxial thats it. So it looks like
we will have to buy more equipment. We were already thinking about get a tivo so that should take care of getting tv to projector. Would this system work for what we need Denon - 375W 5.1-Ch. Home Theater System
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Reading the specs on your Phillips system indicates that it should have a coaxial digital audio input. The PS3 only has optical (toslink) digial audio output (typically an RCA type plug, similar to the red white audio in but with an orange color). To connect the digital audio output from the PS3 to the Phillips, you could use a converter such as this:


You will also need a toslink cable to connect from the PS3 to the converter and a digital coax cable to connect from the converter to the Phillips.

This should let you get surround sound from your PS3.

I think you can also connect the PS3 directly to the red/white analog audio inputs on the Phillips. This will only get you stereo sound but some sound is better than no sound in the short term.

Personally, I would consider purchasing a A/V home theatre receiver. Last years models are being cleared out in many locations. A refurbished Denon AVR 789 from Dakmart.com can be had for less than $350 dollars. This will convert all of your video signals (regardless of input) so that they will be output to your projector through a single HDMI cable. This saves having to run multiple cables to the projector. This receiver will also decode all of the latest audio formats that were described above, which the PS3 will output.

You could probably re-use the speakers that came with the Phillips to begin with. If they have a special connector on the end, the connector can be cut off and the two wires stripped to connect to the A/V receiver. However, you probably won't be able to re use the subwoofer. Thus, you will need to shop around but should be able to pick up a good powered sub for $100 to $200.

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One last thing. If you go with the AV Receiver, you simply connect the PS3 to the receiver through the HDMI cable and then the receiver to the projector with another HDMI cable. The receiver processes the audio and the video. Sends the video to the projector and plays the sound through the speakers.

Do not overpay for cables. A good place to look is monoprice.com.

Good Luck!!
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Once again thank you for all your help We went out and picked up a Denton
AVR 590 I know I could have prob gotten a better receiver at a better $$ but I think this will work for us at least awhile. Maybe upgrade at a later time.
I just really want to be able to come home pop some corn and enjoy our new Projector. Yes I used monoprice for our HDMI cable
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Denon 590 is a very good choice. Lots of features and will simply the operation of your system.

Use Batpig's information in this link to help you set up the receiver.


The one thing that I would highly recommend is a Harmony universal remote control. Thery are relatively easy to program (via the internet) and simply the operation of your system. Once programmed, all you press is the Watch a Movie button on the remote and it will turn all of the required equipment on and automatically switch the inputs. The other nice thing is that the volume will control your receiver, channel up or down will control your cable box, without having to switch remotes, sources or anything. It is very slick.

The only thing to be aware of is that the PS3 is not infra red. So to get the remote to work with the PS3 requires a separate add on is required.

These remotes go on sale all the time. Last year I was able to pick up one of these for $69.95. Shop around. There are good deals to be had.

Enjoy your new system!!

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Ooops. Here is the link to the remote.

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We have already decided that we need a Harmony and I saw that Best Buy will have the one that is usally around $99 for $39 on Black Friday we were told that for it to work with the Ps3 we would have to spend around another $60.

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Yes, you will need one of these adapters for your Harmony remote to power on/off your PS3. http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/re.../5732&cl=us,en
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FWIW, I use the Nyko PS3 Blu Wave Remote with my PS3. It does take up a USB port and can not power on the PS3, but for $16, it works pretty well for what I need. I just plugged in the USB dongle and told my Logitech Harmony remote to control it. I don't mind that it can't turn the unit on because when I'm watching a DVD or Bluray, I have to walk over and put the disc in anyways. Same when I am ejecting the disc and powering off the unit.

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