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Hi There.

I'm looking at buying a S/H CRM4.

Are these reports of dropouts a cause for concern ?

I don't want to buy a potentially "buggy" product, for want of a better word.

Thanks Tom
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Almost all the drop outs mentioned are down to poor authoring of various blu rays.

All the time I owned a suite 7.1hd and a crm4 I never once experienced dropouts. IMO, they are pretty bomb proof.

But I did used to get crashes every now and then and the unit would just go unresponsive for 30 secs and then reset. This would only happen when I was playing with multi frequency demo blu rays. Ie going from clips at 48/24 to 96/24 upto 192/24.

At the price point, I have not heard an ssp that can beat the crm4. And I have played with classe, anthem and denon.
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Thanks for the reply and info. Very helpful. Tom
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Posted in error ... moved to another thread
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Please can anyone say what is the highest rate music file that can be streamed, from a PC type Server, to the Analog and Coaxial Dig inputs of the Pre.

I have a Rhapsody 4B and I seam to remember in the Forums that although the specks stated 192 dacs. this was not in fact the case for the Pre ( in a 7.1 thread I think)
So are you limited to 24/96 or 16/48 or will the Pre down convert for these inputs ?

Thanks, ( also posted on AV 7.1 HD)
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I used to own a crm4 and it would accept all upto 192. But as you say it would downsample. No matter what I was inputting the software would report it as 48k.
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Thanks for the response.
Is 48 true, in the old days of the Tag the norm used to be 96 dacs and 48 seams a low spec.
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It's not necessarily the dacs. It's more over the internal processing of the dsp chips.

Ie, with the Datasat it can handle full 192k but only in bypass setting as various systems like Dirac require it to be downsampled to 96k.

I believe the Ada dsp chips operate at 48k natively.
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Wow, quite a thread here.... I think I made it though most of it but have 2 quick questions.

I recently bought a second hand Mach 4B and have firmware 1.13/2.03.

1) are there any benefits to having it updated to the latest firmware... seems like the big 'bug' was the PL2X issue but was there anything else significant? Ada is right around the corner from me so it wouldn't be difficult but from reading here it's not obvious if there's any real benefit (I can't imagine using PL2X in my theater much).

2) can anyone help me track down a copy of the HDsuite set-up software that will work with my firmware?

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My Firmware is 3.02. My understanding was that some hardware modification was needed with the older versions of Mach IV. If ADA is just around the corner, pay them the visit..Will be worthwhile. They may supply you with the SW as well.
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i have audio dropouts almost every bluray with the combination mach 4 and kaleidescape m700 disc vault.

i thought it maybe related to my network as the vault is streaming the movie from the server.

when i checked it yesterday i saw folling messages from the ada during the dropouts : NS0050 and also NS0051...

does anyone know what that means?

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right,Jeff their xlr converter works great and this preamp is awesome 15.gif
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Originally Posted by uwew View Post

when i checked it yesterday i saw folling messages from the ada during the dropouts : NS0050 and also NS0051...

Where/how do you see those error messages on the ADA?

Do you have any video drop outs or video freezing? (Are you going HDMI from the K to ADA for video too?)
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