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Guys, I really need help. I need to buy, this week (long story,) a sound bar. Medium sized room, 54G10 Panasonic plasma, PS3, HD cable (soon to be satellite.)

I know good surround sound - I used to have a very nice Onkyo receiver and a full Definitive Technology surround 5:1 system. For various reasons, we can't go that way right now (in an apartment until we buy another house.) And I understand I won't get full, true surround with a cheaper bar. I have a CT-100 in the bedroom, and its fine. I want to step up a bit for the system in the den, but we really don't want to spend more than about $400 right now.

Also, I do not have a receiver or spare subwoofer, so the soundbar needs to include both.

My price limit knocks out a lot, including the YSPs. It looks like it's down to the Sony CT-500, for about $365 (Amazon) vs. the Yamaha YAS-71BL, for about $280.

What do you think? Is there a reason the Sony CT-500 is going to give me $85 worth of better performance?