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Resurrecting a dead Sony KDL-52Z5100

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I had good luck fixing my Panasonic TH-42PA20, thanks to information I found here at AVS.

So, I thought I'd try it again: I've got a Sony KDL-52Z5100 with a dead screen. Sony has warranteed the unit out, the replacement is installed, and they've received the tag I took off the back. So this is mainly for curiosity and tinkering.

The issue was gradual: a section of the screen went blocky, then a larger section, and finally the whole thing went dead. Unlike the TH-42PA20, which had a few known problems that a lot of people had worked with, I haven't been able to find much about the KDL-52Z5100 or its innards.

As an aside: Sony charges $7000 (that's SEVEN THOUSAND) for a replacement LCD panel! Still trying to figure out exactly how that works for a TV that retails for under $2K

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My Sony KDL52Z5100 is one year old fortunately my screen problems started while the set was still under warranty. The first sign of a problem started with green vertical lines spaced about 3 apart that appeared on start-up. As first the lines disappeared approximately one hour after the TV was turned on. On some days the green lines have turned to thicker red lines turning to black vertical white-outs 8 wide. This morning in addition to the green vertical lines horizontal flickering lines also appeared. I managed to take some pictures of these new phenomena.

The Sony service repair station ordered a new screen (ACL 180289511) with the explanation that my screen was not making the proper electrical contact when the set was cold.

Unfortunately one month has now gone by with no word from Sony even though their customer service told me that they would update me in 2 business days.

Has anyone else had similar problems both with this Sony model and the Sony warranty repair service?

I purchased my Sony at Future Shop December 20 2009
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What was your resolution on this?

My KDL52Z5100 also just started displaying double images and horizontal lines on power up. It goes away after 5 minutes just like the previous post has mentioned. I got it inspected by a Sony authorized technician and he mentioned only way to resolve the issue is to replace the LCD panel and he gave a quote of $2500!!

Is this a common problem with this model? Anyone knows of a recall. I am also just outside my warranty period.
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I had the same problem starting in 12/2010. My tv now takes about 30 mins. for the picture to clear..most of the way. I was out of warranty from the purchase date by 30 days. I bought it on black friday and gave it to family on Christmas. Warrany applies to purchase date, not when you put in use. My repair estimate was $3449.71 for my $1600 set. All the forums that I have found basically list the same problem. Does anybody have any ideas on recourse? Sony offered to sell me two different TVs at discount off of MSRP which was no big discount. They did not offer me the size TV that I own. I have a build in cabinet, so size is important.
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Hi, All!

I have the same issue ... horizontal lines and blackout splotches on startup, which clear up and go away after about half an hour. My father-in-law got an arrangement worked out with Sony and replaced the set after being quoted $2500 for a "replacement board." They required he send in the original sticker off the TV so it can't be dealt with again through them.

My question is whether anyone "in the business" has identified the exact nature of the problem, and has worked out a fix? Seems a shame to junk a TV that might be repairable for a reasonable expense. I would mount it on my wall and use it "as is," but from what I've read the problem grows steadily worse until the TV dies. If somebody could direct me to the area that fails it would be worth attempting to fix the "bad contacts" if that's even remotely possible.

Apparently there are hundreds or even thousands of these sets affected, so if a repair center was able to work out a cost-effective fix they'd have us lined up to get the sets repaired and back to working properly.

Hope somebody "in the know" sees this and has a solution - Thanks in advance if you do!

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http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...8#post21132468 (post #95)

also, use forums search engine; search for: "TAB" and "Extreme_Boky"

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I have the same problem on the Sony Bravia KDL-52Z5100.
It is due to TAB problem of the LCD panel mentioned in
youtube watch?v=zW998RTAq-0&feature=related
Not T-Con or main board problem.
I brought my TV to? AGITECH agitech.ca/lcd-repair-services*.htm
and they replaced the TAB.
Now the problem is fixed and I am very happy.
You can find more information (price, etc) in
(Toshiba Canada use their service)
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My Sony is dead also with the tab issue. I wonder how one starts a class-action law suite. That's what we need here to address this problem.
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Originally Posted by mskvarenina View Post

My Sony is dead also with the tab issue. I wonder how one starts a class-action law suite. That's what we need here to address this problem.

Find out who filed the class action against Samsung, then email him, cite this site for the amount of postings about the same prob.
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Looks like Sony either got scared or recieved enough complaint because I received a letter today offering a free repair or replacement of the LCD. This offer applies to the KDL-52Z5100 and KDL-52XBR9 through March 31, 2014. If you didn't throw yours out yet, now is a good time to get it fixed for free.

PS, if you paid to have yours fixed, they'll reimburse you the cost with proper documentation.
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I've had the same thing happen to my KDL-52Z5100 this morning. How long ago did you purchase your tv, and what route of contact did you use to get a hold of them?
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I bought it a while ago. All you need to so is visit the Sony support website and download the form. Since they are extending the offer to 2014 I wonder if it's smart to hold off and perhaps get a replacement product vs just a replacement LCD.
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thank you so much, my sony KDL52Z5100 has been in the blink for about 6 months, bought it in Nov of 2010 and i've been so dissapointed with the picture that i was just about to buy a new samsung. I called Sony when it first started acting up and they made no mention of the recall only said it was out of warranty...but today when i called i referenced the website and there going to have someone look at it in a couple days and either replace the LCD or get a new one. I was not excited about the prospect of dropping another 2500 bucks
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Well, let us know what the outcome is. I'm holding out making the call in favor of waiting until the last minute and hopefully getting the latest and greatest replacement...
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Just got off the phone with Sony and got the same response as rndog5. They told me it wasn't under warranty and I'd have to pay for it to be repaired. I had to reference the website with the extended warranty several times before they actually looked into it and told me that I was covered. Now I'm just waiting on a call within the next few days to hear what the repair/replacement options are.
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The Sony KDL-52Z5100 has been a pain to deal with for the last year and a half since it started losing its picture quality and showing horizontal lines. The problem get worse and worse. Thank you to this forum for finding the extended warranty offered by Sony on 06/29/12. To get this extended warranty, I first went to the Sony esupport website. http://esupport.sony.com/ca/ and found out the forms to fill out replacement of the TV is only of US citizens. However, if you live in Canada, you have to call 1 877 899 7669 and reference product news for KDL52Z5100. Sony will be replacing the KDL 52Z5100 with a KDL55EX645. Hopefully this one is not a lemon.
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So after a few phone calls, it looks like Sony is sending me a new TV. I e-mailed them pictures of the screen on Friday and got a call back on Monday. Unlike syajeulbyako above, they're sending me the same model replacement. KDL-52Z5100. It'll also have a three year warranty. Should be here sometime next week, and then I have to send the old one back with the shipper.
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Thanks for this thread. I had one of these sets that went bad and called SONY up. They replaced it basically no questions asked. Had a new one (same model) in about 10 days.

SONY did a great job with customer service for me.

Thanks for this forum and all the information, very helpful and saved me literally thousands of dollars on a new set.
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Amazing! I filed a complaint with them a year ago about the lines on the screen. They pretty much told me I was out of warranty. After coming across this thread I had my girlfriend call up today and they're sending me a replacement next week! She didn't have to send pictures or anything. It was pretty painless. The picture is starting to get bad now. I would have been buying a new one soon, and definitely not a Sony. Thanks to you guys I'm getting it replaced for free and my faith is restored in Sony. I'll post an update once the replacement arrives. Thank you all
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UPDATE: They delivered me a reconditioned KDL52Z5100. I'm very happy. I was always very happy with the performance of this TV before the lines started. The replacement works just as it should and looks great. The best part is they gave me a 2 year warranty on the replacement set. I didn't have that on the new one! It took a little time but Sony stepped up. I will buy another Sony when this one dies.
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It worked!
Sony is sending me a new KDL-52Z5100 TV with 2-year warranty!

What I did:
I went to http://esupport.sony.com/US/ I looked up the model number KDL-52Z5100, and under "News/Alerts" I found the page describing the warranty extension.


I called 888-649-7669 and described the problems i was having with picture on cold startup, and showed her the link to the warranty, and now they are sending me a new TV.
They didn't ask for pictures of it malfunctioning or anything, (but I filmed the problem with my iPhone, so I can prove it later if need be).

What I said:
I did not prove where or when I bought it, no receipt, My personal info was not in any of sony's records. I just said that I had a broken KDL-52Z100 that was giving me problems, and sony has extended the warranty for these problems. And now they are sending me a new one with a 2-year warranty.

She was not able to tell me the exact model number of the TV they are shipping to me, she said the actual model of TV will be determined by what the warehouse has in stock today. She said it will either be the same model, or a newer one with same or better features and either the same screen size or slightly larger. She said they ship either the same exact or better replacement equipment.

How it will work:
They send the new TV, It should arrive in 5 to 7 days from when I made the call. I keep my old TV Stand, Put my old TV and remote in the prepaid box and mail it back within 15 days. They did need to verify my credit card, because they said some people try to keep the old TV and the new one. She said they won't charge me anything as long as I return the old TV in 15 days.

So now I wait
Just placed my call today, so I don't have the replacement TV yet.
I'll post a follow up if I get anything other than another KDL-52Z5100, or if something goes wrong in the next few weeks.
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It has been one week and I have received the replacement from sony today.

They shipped me a KDL52XBR9.

It seems to be an updated version of the KDL52Z5100, almost exactly the same.

It has slightly better looking software and a a couple more heat vents on the back, but otherwise identical and new.
'hard to tell them apart, and mounting clearances are identical to the KDC52Z5100.

They were never able to tell me the model number or give me a delivery date or tracking number or any information any of the several times i called this week, but they did do what they said they would.

Warning!: Ours arrived in a way oversized box with massive red and black graphics that clearly say "SONY Bravia LCD HDTV". It was the size of a billboard, and I understand sony wants to advertise every chance they get, but Everyone who passes by will think you have a brand-new 80-inch flatscreen TV in your house. It certainly makes you a target for theft. Be aware. The box can easily be read from a block away.

Hope this info helps.
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I have a 2009 Sony KDL-52Z5100 and have been reading all the posts about getting help from Sony in regards
to the problems and solutions for this set. I contacted Sony and they told me there is no such warranty or replacement
for this model. I insisted that other customers were getting results but they refused any help other then getting
it serviced for big money. I did find the extended warranty under the news tab on the sony website but they
took the post down and cannot get it now. Any help would be appreciated, yours truly 1 pissed off lifelong Sony customer.
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I grabbed this screen-shot when I was dealing with them (about a month or two ago?)
It says through March 2014, you seem to have exactly what it is talking about. Good luck, keep trying them.

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I just checked by going to that exact web address in the screen shot I posted:


And it is still there.
if that link doesn't work for you, try:


But using Safari on a Mac, the Limited Extended Warranty page comes up.
Maybe It was just a user error. Sony didn't know what I was talking about at first either, I had to read the whole address to them over the phone, before they were like "Oooooohhhhh, Ok, we'll replace it for you".
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I called Sony after reading posts from others who had problems with their Sony 52 KDLZ5100. I called because my Sony (manufactured in 2009) had developed a vertical line in the middle of the screen a little over a year ago. It is now up to seven vertical lines that run from the left side of the screen to the middle of the screen. They show up when I power on the TV and hang around for a few minutes to over an hour.
I told the call center person the model, year and serial number of my Sony Bravia. I told them when the problem started and what it's like now. She asked a few questions, "Are there dark spots on the screen? Does the TV turn it self off? Are there horizontal lines on the screen?" My answer to these questions was no. She was typing the whole time I was speaking with her & also when she asked questions.
She then read (from a script) that my problem was NOT the LCD Panel and that this issue I had was NOT covered under the extended warranty. She gave me the name & number of a repair shop that could service my 52 Z5100. I asked her what if I had the repair service come out & they found the problem to be the LCD Panel. She said Sony could look to replace the TV at that time. I asked what about the money I spent to have the repair service come out and she said Sony would NOT reimburse me for the repair visit.
I told her that I couldn't believe the TV wasn't covered under the extended the warranty & she said she typed in the information I gave her and the "software" told her that the LCD Panel was not the problem.
Anyone else experience this bullcorn?
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I do agree that Sony and more companies like it might try to enforce selling prices in the future, although it really provides no benefit to them - they get the same wholesale price in any case.

Nikon has just started enforcing minimum pricing in the U.S. with big penalties for dealers who violate it. The idea is to protect independent dealers who can't afford to discount the way the big chains or internet dealers do, but I think Nikon is way too late for that: most of the independent dealers are long out of business and Nikon treated them like crap when they were in business. I think this will really hurt Nikon as their products already are very expensive in the U.S. due to the dollar/Yen exchange rate (the USD is worth 30% less than it was just a few years ago) and they'll be forced to offer big rebates when sales drop, especially since not only are the enforcing minimum prices, but they just raised the prices to boot.

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Thanks to this  AVS forum info, yesterday, I got a new Sony KDL-55W802A in exchange of my almost dead Sony DKL-52Z5100. The new one is better quality. A while ago, I searched and found in  the web your forum info that was essential to deal with Sony of Canada ( thank you ) according to the Limited Warranty Extension for the LCD Panel in two 2009 Model Year 52" BRAVIA TVs (KDL-52Z5100 and KDL-52XBR9)

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I was also denied warranty service and was told the problem was not the LCD.  My TV the picture just went out last night and now all I have is a black screen.  Sound is still working but no picture.  I also have no error code blinking LED's.


I was asked some different questions than Baseball4Lifeand was wondering if the people that were offered a replacement could tell me if your TVs behaved differently than mine when asked questions about your TV.


1)  Did sound continue to play through the speakers when the LCD completely failed?

2)  Did the Sony Logo show on the screen during power on?

3)  Did the menu's work on your screen after it failed?


If anyone has a description of the problem that was accepted it would be very helpful. 

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                                                   This is the problem, I hope this help you.

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