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I just wanted to update my experience with Sony. A little less than two months after calling the extended warranty #, my Z5100 developed horizontal blackness on lower half of screen. This lasted at least twenty minutes before the entire picture screen was visible. This started on a Friday night and continued over the course of the weekend.
Monday afternoon I called the extended warranty # again. I got the call center and described the issue with the representative. He questioned my issue and asked about my previous phone call a couple months earlier. I reiterated that this issue that I was currently experiencing was horizontal blackness that covered the lower half of the TV screen & went away within 20-30 minutes. I also told the call center guy that the TV had turned itself off twice. He again told me that the vertical line issue was not covered under extended warranty. I told him again that I was experiencing horizontal black/fuzziness issues and that this was covered under the extended warranty. The call center guy then asked me if I had cable or satellite hooked up to the Sony Z5100. I thought, is he going to say this was not a Sony issue but rather a service provider issue? Thank goodness, I was in between providers and had nothing except Blu Ray and Roku hooked up to TV. I told the guy that I didn't have cable or satellite hooked up to the Sony. He then asked me if the horizontal blackness was visible when I pressed guide on the TV. This thru me for a loop, I never press guide on the Sony remote. I told him that guide only showed on part of the screen and that the horizontal blackness on lower half of TV screen was still visible.
The call center guy then asked me if he could place me on hold and I said okay. As I was waiting I thought this guy is looking for any excuse not to replace my TV. He comes back on the line a little over a minute later and tells me my TV does qualify under the extended warranty. He tells me it'll be 5-7 business days that my TV will be delivered. He tells me to save the box because I will have to mail my Sony back to them. He tells me return postage information will be included in the box. He then asked for a credit card because if my TV is not sent/received 10 business days after my new Sony arrives, I will be charged for the new Sony.
I got an email within the hour after talking with the guy. I could track the status of my Sony online and I received a phone call within 4 business days. I was told by a freight company that my Sony would be delivered the following day and given a two hour window. The freight company did ask if my Sony was wall mounted and I replied, "No." I received a phone call the next morning & two guys showed up with my refurbished Sony Z5100. They removed the old TV and installed my 'new' one. They had to transfer the stand from my old Sony to the refurbished one. They turned the new TV on, it worked fine. They packed up the old Sony and carried it out of my house. I signed the freight receipt and was given a copy & told that was my receipt & warranty. I have a two year warranty starting the day the TV was delivered.