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Speaker Help for Onkyo 807

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Hello Everyone,

I am very new AVS Forum, I have read many reviews but still confused and hoping one of you could help me. I have done my research and decided Onkyo 807 is what I am looking for especially want to use the networking capabilities. I have question about speakers that would support Onkyo 807. I have 20 X 22 Living Room in a brand new house with pre-wire surround sound 16 Gauge wires. All of my speakers will be placed on wall with mounting unit all speakers will be above height of seating area so speakers will be facing towards the seating area. I am not sure which speakers will take best advantage of Onkyo 807? I was looking at Paradigm 110CT. Do you guys think this might be over kill for my room? If so which would be other good speakers to consider? I want to stay below $500 on speakers including sub. Thank you for your input in advance.

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The Paradigm 110CT is not overkill for your room, not at all. If $500 is your budget and it includes a sub then get the Paradigm if you can for that price. It's hard to piece together a system with a sub that's going to beat that, assuming you like the sound of the Paradigm.
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Missed on the deal for the speakers.... Any other good speaker under $500?
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The Energy Take Classic 5.0 speaker set for $225 HERE and the Premier Acoustics PA-120 Subwoofer for $229 HERE

For under $500 that's about as good as it gets...

You can also get 5 Energy C-50 speakers from wwstereo for $44.50 each or about the same price as the Take Classic 5 speaker system.
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