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My new system, please take a look.

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Good morning everyone. I am new to this forum and I am looking for tip, hint & advice on my new equipment. I am also reading other posts like crazy. I will start with what I had and what it is replaced with. I have only had this new stuff hooked for 2 days now.

Tv was Sony 57" projection, now Samsung LN52B750
reciever was Onkyo 909 pro, now Onkyo tx-nr807
front speakers were Cerwin Vega at-15's (lol), now Klispch RF-52
added a velodyne dls-4000r sub.

components remaining in my system is a BD390 LG player and Bose satellites for front high, center and surround. I know I will be replacing the center with a klipsch soon.. others will have to wait a while. please feel free to comment and or share your thoughts.

I have started in this section of the fourm because I will probably have the most questions on the Onkyo.
I am real happy so far with everything, I was concerned about replacing (2) 15" front speakers with (1) 12" sub... but I am more than happy!

what is everyone using for listening modes on this receiver for most Blu-rays?

..also.. I cant seem to find a good fit on my onkyo remote for the samsung tv remote... could really use some help on this.

I'm gonna run for now, thanks in advance.

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If you're only running a 5.1 system then don't use any modes. Just decode whatever happens to be on each particular BR, such as dts MA or Dolby TrueHD.

If you are running a 7.1 set-up you'll need to apply some post processing to the 5.1 titles to get your rear surrounds in the mix. DPLIIx is generally preferred around here it appears.

I only have a 5.1 surround system so don't take my word for it. I just thought I'd lend a hand since there weren't any responses yet.

What is the problem you are having with your remotes? I couldn't figure out what you meant.
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Thanks Easyaspie for the response.

I am running 7.1 so I will dig into that a little more.

THe remote thing.. I can not get my onkyo remote to work 100% with my Samsung tv. the direction pad on the onkyo remote will not work as expected with tv menus. I have tried all the default remotes under the onkyo set up.. when I push the input button for the tv it brings up the menu for the tv... then when I push the direction pad to select a dif. input it wants to change the channel instead of moving down the input select list. hope that helps... I think I may need to enter the remote code for the tv?? not sure.
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