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Upgrading to new, utilizing old VSX 915, need advice.

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I'm a newb (audiotard, videotard) with a butt load of questions. I'm searching around the forums learning as much as possible but need some input on a couple of things I can't find.

I've recently moved and brought along a Pioneer VSX-915 receiver from my old system. The speakers and flat screen were in-wall so I left them. I have a Boston Acoustics Sub and a couple of DVD players, non-HDMI and one Samsung DVD R155 player/recorder. I bought a new screen for what will be a dedicated TV room (carpeted bonus room 15X17 or so) where I want to get a nice BluRay player and new surround sound receiver and speakers. (Lots of questions to answer there but first...)

The Pioneer seems to be a good receiver but with no HDMI and it being around 5 years old I feel I would be better served in the TV room to updgrade. Maybe the Onkyo 607 or Denon 1610, haven't decided. My first question is how to best utilize my existing receiver for another need. I have a family room, 20X20 with very tall ceilings, where I'd like to have a couple of speakers and the BA sub to provide background music. I'm limited on options for speaker placement (yes, my wife is the primary limiter) to a couple of built in cabinets on each side of a fireplace. I can run wire underneath the floor from a closet where I will house the receiver, wireless modem/router, UHF remote etc. but am unsure where on the receiver to hook up just the two speakers for best sound.

So question one is just that, where do I tie into the 915 to provide stereo sound to a couple of book shelf speakers? I'm assuming front but don't know for sure.

Also, for the Sub, it's about 25 feet from the closet/receiver. Will coax work with the proper adapter at the receiver or should I use the sub cables I see advertised?

Here's a link to the receiver.

Oops, it wouldn't let me post the URL cause I'm a N00b. There's a pic of the back of the receiver at plasma dot com under pioneersound and vsx915 if it's needed.

As I said before I have a lot of other questions but am still trying to find answers from other posts first.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions, on any of it!
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Wow, 50 views and not a single reply. Maybe I was too long winded.

I know they're pretty stupid questions but you would think somebody would at least call me a moron. No wait, I can see that one coming.

Just tell me a better way to get input and I'm game.
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You are correct on the speaker connections. If just two speakers, connect them to the Front Left/Right terminals.

For your sub cable you don't need anything special. Just get a regular RCA cable from Monoprice.com or use one you have already.

If you are going to put the speakers in a cabinet, try not to purchase any with ports on the back. Look for front ported or sealed. If you end up with rear ported, you can buy plugs for the ports.

Another idea for you down the road, when you do go to purchase a new receiver for your media room if the unit has a Zone 2 pre-out you could connect that to the 915. This would give you the ability to play a single source(usually limited to analog inputs)to both receivers at the same time or even a different source to each. It's a great feature for parties to have the music in both rooms controlled from one source. Just a thought.
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Thanks Jettore.

As for the idea on the zone 2 pre out, I'm assuming the two would have to be reasonably close to wire them together(?), so it may not be possible. The room I'm using as our TV room is upstairs and several walls away from the downstairs family room.

As for the book shelf speakers, I've looked at the following and would appreciate any input or thoughts.

Axiom M2 or M3.
NHT Classic Two.
EMP Impression E5bi.
Orb Audio
Klipsch Icon or Silvertone Minuet (a bit more than I'd like to spend)

Most of these I've just read about here as recommendations on other posts. The $300 per pair range is most comfortable but I could be convinced to spend more if it made a big difference. Any others I should look at?

Thanks again for your response.
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I'd add these to the list you have.

For music I'd take the Orb off the list. Stick to a basic 2 way bookshelf. If you are thinking Klipsch, make sure you go and listen to them first. Some people do not like the tweeters they use while other people love the sound. Of the speakers you have listed I have only ever owned NHT's and they were a different model. They were a great music speaker, but I think the Classic 2's are over your listed budget. The Absolute Zero fits your budget. I don't know much about the Axioms. All of this really depends on your intended use. If it is just for background and light listening, then I'd save money here to put it in your future speakers for the theater. For that scenerio I'd go with something like these.
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The RC mini's seem to be rear ported. I like what I've read about them, do you still think they would be the best choice? Plug the port?

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Sorry, my bad. I end up linking 2 rear ported speakers. I wouldn't plug the port on the RC's. It would be ok on a speaker with a lower frequency response. When you plug the port, it increases the lower frequency response. That is ok usually with a speaker with a larger woofer because they go lower to start with. Here the RC's frequency response.
80Hz-23000Hz +/- 3dB

So plugging the speaker would bring that 80hz up higher. You will use a subwoofer to handle the lower ranges, but I would try to keep the speakers around 80hz. That way you don't have to cross the sub really high.
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I just thought of another option that might interest you. Here's a thread about the speakers.
And the speaker link.
If you read the specs, they are rear ported but also include a plug. The even discuss the difference between open and plugged.
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Interesting. I'll keep them as an option. I'd like to order a pair ASAP and get it going.
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