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After testing 13 different types of halogen bulbs in the recessed cans this morning, we finally settled on the Philips DuraMax 45W R20 floods. They cast the most uniform pattern on the wall and floor and didn't change the color of the fabric. Cocoa didn't look orange and Chocolate didn't look purple. The fact that they were the cheapest of the bunch was a bonus. $3.65 ea allowed me to fill all 15 cans for less than $60. That little exercise of buying so many bulbs and having to return 12 of the 13 the next day was well worth it. I could not believe how different the fabric looked under some of the lights.

As nice as they made the wall look, they did not magically change the color of the fabric to match the paint on the ceiling. However, they did allow me to turn off that god-awful tripod work light for the first time to get a real feel for what the room will look like under normal lighting. Since the only lights are around the perimeter of the room, below the soffit, very little light actually finds it's way up to the ceiling. The mismatched paint just kind of lurks up there in the shadows, and if you squint really hard, it almost appears to match the fabric. I'm really tempted to leave it, but I think it's just going to be one of those things that bugs me unless I fix it. I'm also concerned that some of the light from the pj/screen will find it's way up there and highlight the difference. If I'm going to change it, now is the time, before carpet, chairs and the star ceiling are done.
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You should buy a several year supply as the availability of specific bulbs has been changing rapidly this last year and will likely continue.
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Good point. I'll grab some more tomorrow after visiting the paint dept. Hopefully by the time I burn through my stockpile, LEDs will be more reasonable.
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Originally Posted by speedoflight View Post

Have you considered LED bulbs? I used them exclusively because the halogens were generating too much heat even when considerably dimmed.

The plan was to use LEDs, but the cheapest bulb I found was $20. Most were pushing $30. I need 15 of them, so that would have been a $300-400 investment in light bulbs. Since they are being used in a theater where they will spend most of their happy lives either off or dimmed, I couldn't bring myself to pay the premium. I would have liked a cooler bulb, but was perfectly happy spending $55 instead of $300.
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Ya those led bulbs are crazy in price. Getting closer space can't wait to see the finished product
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Spent an hour and a half at HD this afternoon grabbing some spare light bulbs and trying to get paint samples that actually match my fabric. The lady in the paint dept was very helpful in finding matching colors.

Since matching the fabric to a color card did not work, I had her scan both fabric samples. They were able to successfully scan the lighter brown Acoustex fabric, but the color the computer came up with was not even close. The weave in the fabric made it difficult to get a good read. She then tried to scan the FR701 but couldn't even get a reading due to the color and weave of that sample. Based on my past experience with some HD employees, I was expecting her to simply tell me the scanner wouldn't work with my fabric and send me on my way. However, a customer at the counter recommended I try the Sherwin Williams iPhone app that lets you photograph what you are trying to match and the app tells you the matching Sherwin Williams paint. Since I don't have an iPhone, the lady working in the paint dept took the time to download it onto her phone so she could photograph both fabric samples. The paint (Behr equivalent) recommended for the FR701 was a good match. The one it recommended for the Acoustex fabric did not quite match so we spent a considerable amount of time going through the Sherwin Williams fanbook of colors. After mixing 2 samples that were close, she insisted on trying a 3rd. That one seems like it will work.

I'll report back when I actually have both colors up on the ceiling. Just wanted to share my positive experience.
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Isn't it nice when you actually get someone at the big box stores that like their job? I have a couple go to guys at my local lowes that seem to really know their stuff. Even if it isn't their section, I seek them out and they haven't let me down yet. Good luck with the colors!
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I decided to keep chipping away at the panels before repainting the ceiling. Currently, I have 54 wrapped panels on the wall. Only 46 more to go.rolleyes.gif Once they are all done, I'll take them down so I can:
1. insert the Linacoustic
2. repaint the ceiling and add a 2nd coat to the baseboard and trim
3. drape black speaker fabric over the rear wall to hide the fsk
4. get carpet installed. I'd like to keep them off the wall until after this is done so they don't get banged up.

Right wall with sides of columns completed. The swinging panel hiding the rack will be one of the last things I do.


The FSK reflects right through the Acoustex fabric, so I'll need to drape the entire back wall with black speaker fabric before rehanging the panels. The mid-supports on the frames show as well so hopefully the speaker fabric will help those disappear.

Right wall

Detail of the long, skinny panels on the sides of the columns. Not 100% in love with this look but I can live with it.

The panels on the sides of the columns get installed first and and extend all the way to the furring strips on the wall. The panels that run between the columns get installed 2nd, leaving approx. 1" of the column panel hidden beside the wall panel.


Installed the trim on 3 of the can lights.
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Were the pictures taken with a flash? That's the only time I can see any of the frames through the fabric. If it still shows through, you could slide a little strip of fabric between the mid support and the front (fabric).
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No flash. Just the halogen work light. I will see what the back wall looks like with just the 2 rear can lights before ordering the black speaker cloth.

After the initial blow tests with both types of fabric, I thought the Acoustex fabric was a little more transparent. The pics seem to show that as well.
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Man that looks like a lot of work did u do bass traps spaceman
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Originally Posted by Holiday121 View Post

Man that looks like a lot of work did u do bass traps spaceman


2 in the front corners....

and 1 in the back left corner. The back right corner has ductwork in a drywalled chase, so unfortunately no bass trap there.

I'm also hoping to get some benefit from filling my riser with pink fluffy stuff and venting along the back wall. The perimeter of the riser is 2x12s and the joists are 2x8, so I have one continuous cavity of insulation.

And yes, that is a vintage 1989 Sony boom box in the lower right corner of the photo, with a cassette of U2-Under A Blood Red Sky still residing in one of the tape decks.
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Did you make them 24 inches wide or bigger?

After you make them you just stack the triangles to the top and cover?
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2'x4' board

Cut in half

Each half cut into 4 pieces (24" wide on the longest side)

Simply stacked floor to ceiling and held in place with vertical 2x2s secured to the wall. The stack will want to tip forward if you don't hold it in place. The 2x2s were eventually painted black.
Since I went with the Knauf insulation board that is already dark in color, they are just hiding behind my fabric panels. I didn't use any additional fabric to cover the stack. I've seen a few builds with stacks of yellow OC703 that cover the stacks with black fabric to make sure the yellow doesn't show through the fabric panels. I've seen others leave the yellow exposed behind fabric panels.
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That type of fabric you have next to it looks like black leather
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That's actually the 2" of JM DuctLiner PM (similar to Linacoustic) hanging on the front wall.
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Originally Posted by Spaceman View Post

That's actually the 2" of JM DuctLiner PM (similar to Linacoustic) hanging on the front wall.

Is that wht you are using to cover the bass traps?
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No. The bass traps are fully exposed until the fabric panels get placed on the wall. In this photo, you can see one stacked in the corner with the frames actually hanging on the wall without fabric.

Same corner with fabric added.

The black duct liner material you saw covers the entire front wall, floor to ceiling BETWEEN the corner bass traps (2 layers of 1" material). I'm also using a single 1" layer inside most of the panels that hang on the side walls.
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Almost to the point where I can insert Linacoustic into the back of the fabric panels. As a starting point, I was going to go floor to ceiling from the screen to the back of the 1st row and then ear height from the 1st row to the back wall. The shaded gray areas below indicate panels that would have a 1" Linacoustic insert. Does this look like a good place to start? Proportionally, it seems like a lot.


Note that panels 1-4 hang on the corner bump out that hides the triangular bass trap. Is it better to leave those panels empty and leave the bass trap exposed (no Linacoustic barrier) or should I add Linacoustic to panels 3 & 4?
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Hit the panels pretty hard this weekend. I still have approx. 15 frames to build, but of the ones that are built, only a handful still need fabric. I also installed the trim and bulbs for the right side cans so both sides are now running on a temporary switch.

Left Wall

Right Wall

Back wall - don't have these cans hooked up yet

Screen Wall
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I really love the color choices and the look of the fabric panels. It's a really clean modern look. well done!
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I agree with Dave. I know you've had some disappointing hassle with the paint, but it'll pay off when it all comes together. It'll be a great scheme and a really sharp design.
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That looks great Spaceman!

Excellent job!
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Wow!! The transformation of this room is amazing. I can't wait to see it when it is all done.
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Wow, that looks amazing. Love the earth-tone colors.. Almost there!

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You made a great choice on which panels were what color. It looks fantastic! Keep up the good work.
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Looks great!
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Beautiful, wish my work looked half as nice as yours! Amazing attention to detail.
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Thanks, guys.

For those who have theater carpet meeting some other type of carpet, would you mind sharing a photo of how you handled the threshold?

Here is a pic of my opening, with the bottom of the photo showing the existing carpet that sits outside the theater.

I've ripped off the stock door stop and will be replacing it with 1x FJP. I'll rip a 1x6 down to a little less than 1x5 so I can have a continuous stop that runs from the face of the door to the face of the fabric panels inside the room, similar to this pic. (These are 1x6s that have not been cut to size yet, but hopefully you get the idea of what I'm trying to do.)

After that, I'm not quite sure how to handle the threshold. I'd like the threshold to be at least as wide as the custom stop. Which means on the theater side, the threshold would look something like this.

I would need to extend it approx. 2" on the game room side until it met the existing carpet, something like this. Overall width of the threshold would be 7"+/-.

Since it sits proud of the carpet, I'm guessing a chamfered edge would be needed (along both edges). Is there a standard size? Would the carpet guys simply tack right up to the edge of the 1x or does the threshold need a lip so they can tuck the carpet under.

Can I use 1x FJP for the threshold or do I need a stronger wood? What is the best way to finish it so it holds up to foot traffic. The door, jamb and stop will be black (eggshell enamel). The theater carpet will be black as well. I was thinking the threshold should be black too.

Am I on the right track or is there a better way to address this?
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Possibly a scrap of granite or marble?
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